[Giveaway] Girl Interrupted...

I heart the book covers, it's love at first sight @_@

I've been super duper busy this couple of months and will getting busier and busier possibly till Raya, so I hardly have time to blog in peace anymore... but I'll try to make an effort to entertain you guys, or at least to entertain myself with writing more post soon, hehe =P One of the things that keep me busy are The Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy Books... 

These books are probably the best action series that I've came across since Robert Ludlum's Bourne and Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar!!! I heard rumours that Hollywood will adapt the books into movie franchise soon!!! Cool isn't it??? =) It's actually written in Swedish by Stieg Larsson as his part time hobby but his books only published and became phenomenon all over the world after he was dead, poor guy =(

The story revolves around the heroin character , Lisbeth Salender who is a genius hacker that had a very dark and complicated past... She's a tough woman who trying very hard to find her own peace but unfortunately her demons still can't leave her alone after all these years... She's holding the secret to Swedish government conspiracy and suddenly everyone is against her except a fearless journalist, Mikael Bloomvist...

The only actress who I can imagine playing her character is definitely Angelina Jolie (part of it because of her Lara Croft alter ego and the other half because it's remind me of her earlier movie Hacker back in 1995, hehehe =P)It'll be anti-climax if I reveal all the storyline here so I'll keep my mouth and finger shut and let you guys figure it out yourself, wink2... 

One thing I can say, if you are a fan of conspiracy theory/ thriller/ mystery, you gonna love this series... It keep me up all night for days but it's really2 worth it!!! I personally love the second book, I think it's full of action and drama unlike most of thriller/mystery books today that lacked all the element of surprise and twist...

p.s : I have extra copy of the first and second book in this series guys/girls, I'll giving it out for free for one lucky reader... Just leave your comment here if you are interested before July 24th 2010 and I'll randomly select the winner later on... Till then, good luck everyone & have fun!!! ^_~


  1. I wannt it! because I wanna improve my english. I've been long time not read a English novel because I dont know which one is great like this thriller/mystery book.

    Its sound perfect for me! =))

    *sorry for grammar error in this post. Im very poor in this. TQ


  2. I want it too!!! Love it so much but never had the opportunity to read it. Only managed to read it bit by bit at the bookstore... I love reading books like this thou my fiancee said it's wasting time reading reading books like that where i should be reading histories or something fact to gain knowledge but i still love reading books like fantasy to runaway from reality crazy hectic stressful life. When you read books like that, you can imagine and feel as if you are that person...
    Would love love love to be the lucky one!!!

  3. hi girls,

    since both of you want it so much, I think it's more than fair to give you girls a copy each, isn't it??? congrats girls, you will own your very own piece of Lisbeth's adventure, wink2 Kindly leave your email here for me to get in touch with your later... Till then, adieu ^_~

  4. yeay!!! thanks dear!!! my email is pinksarthsader@yahoo.com... can't wait for it!! u make my day on the monday blues!!! hug hug!!!

  5. pink princess : you're very welcome dear, glad that i make someone happy today, hug2, wink2

    asna : welcome2, hehehe =P

  6. Phew, glad that I didnt bought u a novel for ur belated bday pressies. Hee~

    Just to let u know, I'll be sending ur (super-belated) birthday by end of this week, Inshaallah... Sori yea dear lame sgt. I nie kalut, pantg bz sket je ngan workload, there goes my socical life. Plus, xbyk fun stuffs la kt Bt pahat nie. =p

  7. really??? im excited already, thank q so much dear, i pun x pakai lg all my bday pressie, syg sgt kalau org bagi, mcm x mau guna je, hehhehe =P nanti bile u blk kl roger2 lah tau, leh kite hang out sesame lg and gossip byk2, hahaha =D


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