From Europe With Love...

My fav is the silver heart shape keychain, me likey n_n

My sister just came back from her Europe trip and look what she have bought for me, kawaii isn't it??? Hehehhe =P Thanks Kura!!! I'm so freaking jealous actually because I always thought I'll be the first one in my family that will go backpacking around Europe sob2 T_T And yes, European men are very2 drop dead gorgeous, wink2 (did my sister purposely said that to make me more jealous than I already am??? huhu~ =P) If I was there, I will invent any stupid reason to tango with Italian or Spanish men, hahhahah =D (If all of them are cute like Torres and Antonio Banderas la, hehhhe n_n)

I read somewhere in Nuffnang that Hyundai will organize a contest where the winner will get a chance to visit Europe, so cool meh~ I'll update you guys if inspiration struck me and force all of you to vote for me, muahhahaha =D (I'm not kidding about that, hehhee =P) Anyway, I get too preoccupied lately with my partners in crime a.k.a my slightley twisted sister so I get a little (lot) lazy to update my blog more often, huhuhu~ But, I'll be back as usual once everything goes back to normal (which I doubt will ever be =P) Till then, adieu, guys~ adios muchachos!!! ^_~


  1. i already took one of the keychain. haha

  2. Cool! Any cosmetics from London? Wuuu jakinye, nk traveling jugek~

  3. tqah : patut la kina rase mcm ade yg ilang je, tqah dah bypass dulu rupe2nye, huhuhu~ =P

    hanna : hehehhe, no cosmetic haul for me la gurl since i'm the only one in my family who actually wear/luv makeup, sob2 T-T

  4. chooo cute. I loike!

  5. T_T where did u go... did u go to Europe? your post so confusing.... your sis went? or is it.. "u"!!!

  6. Hehhhe, funny la u... my sis who actually went to europe... Me going somewhere in msia only... sob2 T-T If I'm going to europe, sure bring back lots of makeup and cute guys with me, hahhaha =D


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