Rayalution Zalora Raya Fashion Festival 2016 : Arda Putra | Lubna | Poplook | Bella Ammara + Sugarscraf

For two consecutive year, Zalora Malaysia team up again with a number of creative local designers in conjunction with their Rayalution Zalora Raya Fashion Festival 2016 and this time around, a mixture of big names like Hatta Dolmat, Fizi Woo to popular celebrities collaboration such as Fazbulous by Fazura and Sawdaa by Mizz Nina showcasing their strongest look to capture the attention of Malaysian's fashionista. I was there to get a closer look at my favorite fashion labels and of course, scouting for my raya outfit in the process as well. In the first session, 4 designers from Arda Putra, Lubna, Poplook and Bella Ammara + Sugarscarf get the mood going with their special raya collection with Zalora Malaysia runaway show. Let's check out some of the lovely pieces, shall we? I know you can't conceal your excitement already!


Featuring relaxed silhouettes and airy comocrepe to mixed digital batik prints to compliment the whole look with, in variety of bold and pastel hues, Arda Putra really know how to put comfort and style together. The combination of blue and yellow kebaya definitely win me over and the simplicity in the design of the whole collection fits Arda Putra Breezy Raya 2016 theme perfectly. Traditional at heart, this is created for you!


Lubna on the other hand revolutionize modern day festive wear to a trendier and chic version that screams whimsical and feminine. Decadently embellished kurungs and jubahs made from poly crepe, tafetta and silk organza with vast sihouettes of waterfall and mermaid skirts, pleated trumpet sleeved blouse and pockets decked in delicate crystals. Every Lubna piece will give you a luxury and timeless regality for less than RM400.


Poplook did it again with their Poplook Premium for Zalora line; subtle choices of colors, beautiful cuts and glamourous touch that's not only flattering but easy on the eyes as well. This exclusive collection melds both luxury and classical silhouette with styles that ranging from mermaid dresses to fun peplum. The usage of intricate beading, brocade and lace will make every women looks beautiful regardless of shapes and sizes.


The partnership between Bella Ammara and Sugarscarf is more than for the love of fashion, the friendship between the two ladies behind the brand is translated beautifully into the minimalist syariah compliant designs, intricate shimmery embellishment and versatile pieces that will fit variety of occasions. The combination of Bella Ammara jubahs and Sugarscarf scarf line is demure, subtle but elegant in its own way.

For more details regarding the collections above, kindly visit Zalora Malaysia offcial sites listed below. Until then, stick around for the second session of Rayalution Zalora Raya Fashion Festival 2016 soon lovelies, adieu~


  1. Lubnaaa tuuu liz berkenan sgt dah.

    1. Mmg sesuai sgt cutting dia utk yg tinggi lampai mcm Liz <3


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