Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...

In this past few months, I'm getting a little bit obsessed with collecting Disney Cuties Stamps from Guardian much to my fellow peers chagrin, hehehe =P I actually have no idea why I'm so freaking determined to get all the 60 stamps, maybe the cute little Tigger shy look kinda struck to my heart, hahaha =D

Thankfully with my family and friends help and support, I managed to get all of them in less than 3 months~ n_n Love you guys, muahs3x God knows how many stuff I bought alone in these couple of months, I have enough toiletries stock that can last for 3 months for my whole family, heehee x)

my precious stamps collection, @_@

In case you guys have no idea what this fuss is all about, every RM20 you spend at Guardian, you're entitled to get 1 stamp. To get the Disney Cuties doll, you have to get 60 stamps or you can buy it at Rm39.90 with only 20 stamps. There are several promotions that will earn you more stamps from time to time, which is why I'm in alert mode and read lots of newspapers cover to cover lately, hihihi =P I finally redeemed my Tigger today, and I'm lovin it very2 much, it kinds of remind me of someone that I heart, wink2~ I'm no longer possess now that I have you, Tigger, ^_^

Tigger is home =)


  1. alahai..cutenye...mengaum la tiger tu & ayna..kakakakka

  2. harim : thank q thank q sweetie, muahssss3x @_@

    farah : tau x pe, sama2 ganas kitorg ni, hahhaha =D


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