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Here's a little confession, unlike some other people; I purchase magazine just to feast my eyes on all the fabulous dresses wear by celebrities and socialites all over the world X) Dress to kill, hitting all the hot spots, don't you just love how glamorous it feels? Honestly, the only time I ever come close to that was during my wedding day, hehe =P How I wish I can turn back the time, sigh~

There's no harm in keeping one or two or maybe more beautiful dresses in your collection right? So I spend my weekend the other day browsing through my favorite site, Shopbop.com and guess what, they have tons of gorgeous dresses, from A-list designers to brand new labels!!! So many designs and styles, you'll have a field day looking at those lovely pieces @_@ Let's take a look, shall we?





Herve Leger Dress

J. Mendel Dress

Kaufman Franco Dress

Monique Lhuillier Dress

Can't stop looking at the beautiful designer pieces? Check out their site from the links above to see the rest of the items at Shopbop.com, you'll love it for sure =) Lots of choices, attractive prices, genuine designer goods, free 3 days worldwide shipping & of course the easy return policy!!! I had a great time online shopping at Shopbop.com, I wish someone is kind enough to send it all to me, hee =P Until then, have a lovely day ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. omg love all the dresses! But I wonder how's the price... >< haha

    1. Lovin' all the dresses too, wish I'm rich enough to have them all, hee~


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