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Honestly, when I start brainstorming ideas for my wedding I felt so overwhelm by the amounts of details and work that I have to attend to... It's exhausting, time consuming and involve lots of money as well, sigh~ So if you're planning to get married anytime soon, you should start browsing and searching now because trust me, time will never be enough when it comes to wedding preparation =_=

Thank god I have internet to turns to for inspirations... I spend hours and hours everyday to find something that can visualize my wedding vision which seems to be simple in theory but not so simple in execution T_T I'll share more about it in my wedding post but today, I'm gonna feature a US based online shopping site, that helps me a lot during my wedding emergencies =)

What's so unique about Well, besides having their own online bridal boutique, they caters to lots of different aspects in wedding from bridesmaid dresses, bridal party, lingerie, gifts, shoes, jewelry & so much more... You can find lots of designer items specifically design for your special day like Vera Wang, Temperly, Zac Posen, Badgley Mishka and Monique Lhuillier too ❤_❤

Pretty much everything wedding can be found here, isn't that awesome? not only provides fast & free shipping internationally and easy return policy, you can also contact their efficient customer service if you have any inquiries regarding your purchase. Wondering what designer piece items that caught my attention? Let's take a look at it, shall we?





In lust with all the beautiful designer pieces? Check out their site from the links below to see the rest of the items, you will love it for sure =P Tons of choices, attractive prices, genuine designer goods, free 3 days worldwide shipping and of course the easy return policy, the list seems to go on and on and on... I had so much fun shopping with, can't wait to spill it out to all of you in my next post, wink2 Until we meet each other again, have a wonderful day ladies, adieu~

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  1. Sab pernah beli brg kat shopbop. shipping sangat cepat even dia international. murah pulak tu shipping charge! sab suka stalk iphone cases dia. cantikkkkk

    1. Betul3, 3 hr je dah dpt brg, mmg sgt fast & furious =) Nk invest kat iphone case mcm Sab gak lah bile terlebih duit nnti, hee~


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