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When you have fashion statement pieces with you, did you noticed that all your imperfection seems to fade away into the background? At least that's what happened to me everytime I'm using my beautiful Kate Spade's Jeanne bag, wink2 So if you're contemplating whether you should invest on designer bags or not, I would definitely say go for it!!! My only advice is, be smart about it by choosing the right platform for your purchase. You can save a lot from buying online but then you have to consider the expensive shipping charge to Malaysia as well, sigh~

I'm quite surprised actually when I learned that most of the international site didn't ship to Malaysia so I spend hours looking for website that do cause I'm so not gonna spend more for the same stuff here... And then I came across U.S based online shopping site, which carried over 500 designer brands. You can find lots of wonderful stuff from bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, apparel & even unique decorative items for your home too =) only sells authentic designer merchandise so you don't have to worry about the products quality ^_^

If you're wondering about the shipping, don't be because at, you can get free international express shipping when your total purchase is more than USD100, nice right? Looking at the arrays of gorgeous pieces they have, you won't have any problem finding any that suits your budget and your taste, I just wish I can have them all, lol If you knew me well, you probably know how fascinated I'm with designer handbags and since I had so much fun browsing them at the other day, I'm sharing with you ladies, my 'Top 24 Wishlist' from my favorite brands **hint2**





Fancy something from my wishlist? Head over to their site from the links below to check out the rest of the items, you won't feel bored I promised =P Tons of choices, attractive prices, genuine designer goods, free 3 days worldwide shipping and of course the free return policy, the list seems to go on and on and on... I'm very happy with my first purchase which I'll reveal in my following post so don't forget to come back for it later ya, hihi =P Until then, Happy Friday ladies, adieu~

Anya Hindmarch

Diane Von Furstenberg

Michael Kors

Rebecca Minkoff


  1. Omigad! Michael Kors! *checks out now* can't wait to hear about your experience babe :D

    1. Super love MK bags, it's so chic & pretty!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. All the bags looks so yummy to me, so candilicious!

  3. ayna.. sibuk ye bulan ogos 1 post je. hihi.
    selamat pengantin baru dear ayna.

    visit & folow me back

    1. Tau x pe, hehehe =P Thank you for coming akak <3


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