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Hello lovelies, how's your October going on so far? I know I haven't been around much lately~ I'm still adapting to my new life (I won't bored you girls with the details, don't worry) but now I'm back doing what I love the most, writing and stalking beauty site, wink2 Below is one of the look I've been obsessing over almost daily, I'm still not over it apparently, hehe =P

Just like any other beauty addicts, I spend most of my time checking out makeup tutorials, beauty info, tips and tricks on Youtube =) Unfortunately with Youtube, I have to search and subscribe to tons of YouTube channels in order to get more ideas from various makeup tutorial video, sigh~ Well, that's no longer a problem when I came across this cool app called SPOT Malaysia News @_@

SPOT Malaysia News is like Flipboard for Malaysia. It helps you to discover local and international content by putting 250 Malaysian newspapers and magazines in your pocket, making you smart and in-the-know. It has 36 unique categories in 3 different languages - Malay, Chinese & English! 

I really enjoy flipping through everything under their Woman section! Not only I can get tips from various makeup tutorials for different looks, it's also loaded with beauty tips, fashion trend, everything from head to toes! What more a girl can ask for, right? ^_^

What I love about this app? The bookmark button function. It allows me to save articles that I read halfway and can always go back to it later on! Have you guys checked out the app yet? =) For Android users, you can download it here and get all the content for FREE!!! Meanwhile for iOS users, you've to wait a little while. They're expecting to launch the iOS version in November 2014. But you can be first in line if you sign up here Until we meet again, have a great weekend lovelies, adieu~


  1. interesting App.... and great to meet you earlier... see ya soon

    1. Hi Miera, nice meeting you too sweetie =) It's an interesting app indeed!


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