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Did you give enough love and care to your lips in this fasting month? I wish I did it earlier because the lack of water intake definitely take it tolls on my no longer sexy pout T_T And since Raya is just around the corner, I really need to look my best a.s.a.p!!! Tough mission? Not so much if you have Earth Care Homemade Lip Scrub & Lip Balm in your stash, I'm so glad I bought both of them last month, now is the perfect time to put the products into test... I blog about how much I love their body scrub before here so I'm very excited to give their lip care range a try next ^_^ Will it live up to my expectation?

Earth Care Organic Handmade Lip Scrub - Vanilla Sky 
12g [RM12.00] 

A little bit about Earth Care Organic Handmade Lip Scrub in Vanilla Sky, it is specially made from the combination of delicious key ingredients such as brown sugar, vanilla and colloidal oatmeal to help slough off dead skin cells on your lips and soften them up for a kissable, luscious lips. Brown sugar is not only a great natural exfoliant, it’s also rich with Vitamin B (antioxidant) which can prevent skin cells damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Vanilla is more than just a flavor that brings out wonderful taste and scents to the mixture, it’s also equipped with anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can sooth and calm the skin while protecting it from bacterial invasion and delaying premature skin aging. Colloidal Oatmeal on the other hand is full of vitamins, minerals and lipids that works very well in treating sensitive and various skin disorder and can also use to remove excess dirt and oil from the skin.

Besides these 3, Earth Care Organic Handmade Lip Scrub in Vanilla Sky is infused with Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Beeswax and Vitamin E to ensure your lips will be well moisturized and hydrated. It’s quite easy to apply too, just scoop the lip scrub with dry finger and gently exfoliate your lips before rinsing it clean with water. Make sure you keep the lip scrub in a cool, dry place after every use to elongate the lifespan =)

MY VERDICT: If you know me well enough, you probably noticed how much love I have for vanilla, I even have my email address named after vanilla, lol So anything vanilla will definitely made it to my wish list. This lip scrub is no exception, I initially bought it because of the fancy name but the taste and sweet scents really won me over. 

I adore the cute as a button packaging, the sweet vanilla cupcake taste and of course the not so rough texture which is firm yet gentle enough to remove the stubborn dead skin cells around my lips area. It's however didn't make my lips feel as moisturize as I would love to, so don't forget to apply lip balm generously afterward ya ^_^

Earth Care Organic Handmade Lip Balm - Chocolate High 
6g [RM12.00] 

Meanwhile Earth Care Organic Handmade Lip Balm - Chocolate High is formulated from the unique blend of ingredients like chocolate, peppermint and shea butter to protect your lips from the harsh UV rays during day time and repair, hydrate it on night time. Chocolate as we knew not only great for elevating your desserts, it's also full of goodness for your beauty & health. Preventing premature aging and reducing stress are among the awesome benefits you get just from eating chocolate @_@

If you're wondering why peppermint? Well, ever since the ancient Romanian times, peppermint plant has been use widely due to its inherent therapeutic qualities and rich with nutrients such as iron, magnesium, Vitamin A & Vitamin C. Besides that, it's also recognized as an antipruritic agent and natural astringent that can calm and soothe infected skin, heal minor insect bites or stings, help with clogging pores & can also revitalize and nourish your dull skin. 

That's not all, with the addition of shea butter into the lip balm; your lips will definitely be soft, supple and well hydrated to get through the blazing hot day. There are coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, cocoa powder & Vitamin E as well to help you treat your dry and chapped lips, just apply it religiously and use it with Earth Care Organic Handmade Lip Scrub for better result. To extend the lifespan, leave it in a dry, cool place.

MY VERDICT: Are you familiar with Baskin Robbins's Chocolate Mint ice-cream? This lip balm taste exactly like that!!! I'm so happy and excited to apply it every single day and sometimes I even invent some weird reasons just for the sake of using it, hehe =P Is it moisturizing enough for my dry lips? Guess what, the lip balm really delivers in terms of hydration, me love ❤_❤

The name is very spot on, I think I'm getting high with the amount of chocolate I get from using this lip balm alone XD The packaging is pretty much like any other lip balm so I wont elaborate on that. Just like vanilla & chocolate, I really think that the lip scrub and lip balm compliments each other very well and works great together to give me back my sexy pout for this coming raya, wink2

Interested to get your hands on these cuteness overload products? You can check out their Raya Bazaar this coming Sunday at Subang Parade to enjoy special deals and lucky draw or if you can't make it to the event, you can always browse through their e-catalog to make your purchase. For more information and details, kindly visit their official site or facebook page. Until then, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri lovelies, adieu~


  1. nak jugakk!! why la I am already back in Melaka baru dapat tahu brand ni (T_T) bila masa lagi nak pegi cari..

    1. Lucky for you dear, I'm running a giveaway for this lovely duo on my instagram from today till sunday, join jgn x join, hee~

  2. Somehow your review makes me feel like I can actually smell the chocolate haha, I entered your giveaway! Yeay!


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