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I can't believe how fast time really flies this year and I guess it's not too late to wish all Muslims out there a very blessed Ramadhan =) I know I choose a rather awkward time to talk about food here but forgive me lovelies, I can't help but sharing my latest food obsession with the rest of you, hee~ Have you heard of Daily Fresh? With 800 outlets all over Malaysia, I'm pretty sure you've seen or came across them before, right? They even expand to 15 other countries like Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Russia, South Africa, Turkey & China too!

A little bit about Daily Fresh, it's one of the leading global snack food retailers selling vast variety of ready-to-eat snacks and desserts such as Cup Corn, Wafito, Ice Kimo, Gelato Tempo & Pop Corn throughout the world. Based in Simpang Renggam, Johor; Daily Fresh continuously strive to improve their products quality and technologies while developing new and innovative products by investing in their own Research & Development division. Enough about the intro, let's talk food, shall we?

Original / Chilli / Garlic Cheese / Mayonnaise / Sweetened Milk
[ RM3.50 - RM4.00 ]

This is without a doubt is my favourite snack from Daily Fresh! Trust me, I can finished 3 cups Daily Fresh Cup Corn alone and still up for more, hehe =P I love how it reminds me of my childhood, I do eat a lot of corn back then, lol The special thing about Daily Fresh Cup Corn is; it's 100% natural, low in fat and high in fibre which is a very healthy alternative to the regular snacks that we consumed. Available in 5 different flavours, you can opt for the nutritious and delicious Daily Fresh Cup Corn in Original like me or try the unusual pick like Garlic Cheese or Chilli which is not bad actually =)

Peanut Butter / Chocolate / Strawberry / Blueberry / Margarine / Japanese BBQ / Nyonya Kaya / Pandan Kaya / Chicken Floss
[ RM3.50 - RM4.50 ]

Next in line is the Daily Fresh Wafito. Derived from the combination of waffle, filling and topping words, Daily Fresh Wafito can be enjoy in 9 unique flavours depends on your personal preference. Prepared to perfection with it's crispy texture with natural fillings and topped up with genuine high quality toppings, you will feel nothing but love for Daily Fresh Wafito. I'm not a big fan of waffle but the Japanese BBQ and Chicken Floss really leave me wanting more! The combination of margarine + kaya flavours is another one of their bestseller here too, simply delish @_@ 

Vanilla / Chocolate / Honey Dew / Mango / Mocha / Sour Sop / Strawberry / Pineapple
[ RM4.20 ]

Daily Fresh Ice Kimo on the other hand is made from a special mixture of fresh fruits, natural flavoured ice and fruit toppings. Served in fine, thin slices shaved ice that's smooth and refreshing, Daily Fresh Ice Kimo is available in 8 delicious flavours, perfect for the sunny, hot weather we having here in Malaysia. I'm so tempted to pick the Pineapple flavour but end up with Sour Sop instead which somehow compliment my Daily Fresh Wafito in Chicken Floss & Daily Fresh Cup Corn so nicely. You can try it out yourself on your next visit or simply create your own combo lovelies, wink2 

Yogurt Original / Yogurt Strawberry / Yogurt Mango / Yogurt Melon / Black Sesame / Green Tea / Chocolate / Dark Chocolate / Strawberry / Mango
[ RM5.90 - RM6.90 ]

If you're obsessed with Italian's gelato ice cream, don't worry you don't have to travel to Italy to satisfy your craving! Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo is exactly that and more. Infused with traditional recipe and modern infleunces, Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo ingredients is imported all the way from Italy to give you the real taste of gelato with an affordable price tag. With 10 flavors to choose from, you'll never be running out of option! My personal favourite right now is the Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo in Yogurt Melon, it taste so freaking good I swear, more please ^__^

Honey Dew / Black Sesame / Seaweed / Curry / Caramel
[ RM6.90 - RM7.90 ]

Last but not least is the latest addition to their products line, the Daily Fresh Pop Corn. Produced from the finest quality corn kernel imported from Indiana, USA; you'll get not only bigger and crunchier corn snacks but lovely texture and taste in every bite too. Specially coated with no MSG and no preservatives, Daily Fresh Pop Corn is roasted to perfection to maintain it's crispiness. It's a fresh take from the regular popcorn we used to have, who knew that honey dew, black sesame, seaweed & curry will make a great popcorn flavours, right?

Before I forgot, Daily Fresh is currently having a special Ramadhan promotion where you can purchase Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo + free additional topping for only RM4.90!!! That's not all, you'll also get a mini Daily Fresh Pop Corn when you buy 2 tubes or more, isn't that awesome? If you fancy the Daily Fresh Cup Corn like me, you can now redeem it for free with every purchase of RM8 and above by printing out the e-voucher n_n For more information, kindly visit Daily Fresh Malaysia official site or facebook page & until then, Ramadhan Kareem lovelies, adieu~


  1. so yummy!! i often buy the sweet corn in cup from Daily Fresh too! :p

    1. Wahhhhh, great minds really think alike, heee~


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