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Morning lovelies, how’s your day going on so far? I hope it is awesome like mine, hee~ Still remember my previous Per’lXlim post here? If you don’t, let me introduce you once again to these hot stuff that have been helping me getting rid of my stubborn fat for almost 1 month now... If you think petite girls like me can easily lose it if we want too, well think again because it’s certainly not easy for me T_T I won’t bore you with the details so let’s move on to the star of the day, Per’lXlim shall we? 

Comes in 2 fabulous flavor - Chocolate & Coffee, Per’lXlim is specially made with 2 unique ingredients; Green Coffee and Kidney Bean. The combination of these duo works wonderfully well in my weigh loss journey by slowing down the absorption of my fat food intake and preventing the stomach from breaking the carbs into simple sugar. With the addition of Collagen & Kacip Fatimah, you’ll not only get slimmer figure but beautiful skin in the process as well =)

Did I tell you how easy to prepare the Per’lXlim drink? All you need is approximately 150ml of plain water, which is entirely up to you to have it hot or cold and of course Per’lXlim in your chosen flavor (I love chocolate btw) ^_^ Just add a sachet of Per’lXlim into the water and mixed it together. Easy peasy, right? Just make sure you take it twice a day, 30 minutes before your breakfast & lunch to get maximum result. Now you’re one step closer to achieve your dream body, wink2

What I think of Per’lXlim? I really like the creamy, rich taste which is similar to the regular hot chocolate. Sometimes I’ll take it hot while at home or cool it down in my Per’lXlim tumbler to bring to the office. I also love that I can still fulfill my craving for fattening, sinful desserts without gaining additional weight!!! I can stay active for hours and didn't felt tired easily like I normally do... What I didn’t expect is, Per’lXlim actually do help me in reducing my constipation problem too, yeay \\n_n//

I haven’t shared about my second weigh in result yet, right? Well, I’m  not gonna ruin the surprise here but what I can tell you right now, I did lose lots of inches ever since I start taking Per’lXlim.  Don’t worry, I’ll spill out more about it in my next Per’lXlim post so stay tuned ya =) For more information and details about Per’lXlim, you can check out their official website or facebook page. Until we meet again, stay gorgeous lovelies, adieu~


  1. Salam..kat mana ble dptkan produk ni?saya kat sabah..ada tak d mana2 pasar raya or selected branch?

    1. Salam dear, you boleh dptkan Per'lXlim di mana2 pasaraya besar mulai Jun ni =)

  2. go go ayna~~ jom selim melim!! :p


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