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Hitting 30 is not exactly walk in the park for me... My metabolism wasn’t as fast as it used to be, I get sick easily and I’m not fit enough to flee if someone chasing after me, sigh~ And that’s not exactly the worst part, I’m honestly way too lazy to hit the gym and working out regularly wasn’t really my cup of tea! What’s that left me? Plastic surgery, extreme diet or super impose my photos maybe? I hope I won’t have to resort to that, lol

I’m very curious actually when I first heard about Power Root latest range for women; Per’lXlim. If you’re not familiar with Power Root, it has been around since July 1999 and known as the leading company in Malaysia that develops herbal energy drinks fortified with 2 rainforest herbs; Eurycoma longifolia Jack a.k.a Tongkat Ali and Labisia Pumilia & Pathoina or Kacip Fatimah. These herbs are indigenous to Malaysia properties for promoting physical well-being are highly regarded by Malaysians.

Being among the earliest people to discover the secret of Per’lXlim during the meet up session at Alessio, Publika; I can safely say that it’s really meets my expectation =) Since the product will be released very soon, I guess there’s no harm to share a little bit about it with you girls, right? Per’lXlim is definitely the perfect weight loss solution for busy (or lazy) women out there. It’s reasonably price, accessible and comes in 2 delicious flavors; Coffee & Chocolate @_@

What makes it even more special, it’s infused with 2 main ingredients; Green Coffee which proven can slows the absorption of fat food intake and activates the metabolism of extra fat and also Kidney Bean which stops the calories from being absorbed into our body by prevent the stomach from breaking the carbs down into simple sugar. Or in another words, Per’lXlim helps you losing weight without exercising or skipping your meal, yeaaaaay!!!

That’s not all of course, there are Collagen and Kacip Fatimah added to the mixture as well to give you additional benefit such as improving your skin condition, increase moisture content, skin elasticity, rejuvenate healthy hair and nail, stabilizing the tissue that in need of estrogen hormone and helps in managing diarrhea. 

Did I mention that we were weight in and measured at the event to track down our weight loss progress? I have no idea I gain 2 kg since last January and I need to look my best this June! Do you think I can pull it off in these couple of months? I really hope I can get rid of the unwanted fat by that time =) Let’s the next weight in be the judge, wink2

Well, I’ve consume Per’lXlim for 2 weeks now and guess what? I love how it taste; rich and creamy, full enough to fill me and how energatic it make me feels. It’s pretty easy to take too, just mixed it with 150ml water and drink it twice a day, 30 minutes before your breakfast and lunch. For more information & details about Per’lXlim, do visit their website or facebook page. Until the next post, have a wonderful day lovelies, adieu~


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