Keep Calm & Have a Happy Period with Whisper...

I’m sure most of the women out there have lots of experience dealing with that “time of the month”... PMS, period pain and the bloody mess (just to name a few) might looks like nothing from men perspective but believe me, it’s a very2 big deal  for us women. We still have to go through the motion despite the uncomfortable situation when the only thing we crave more than anything is just to lay down on our bed all day and cry ourselves to sleep T_T

To address this issue, Whisper organized a Yoga session at mYoga, Plaza Damas last week to help women embrace their body natural flow. I always dream of signing up for Yoga classes before and the invitation came just at the right moment @_@ I learn lots of interesting poses and meditation technique which can be apply to control my stomach cramp and lessen my period pain. Thank you Whisper

That’s not all, we were introduced to Whisper new products that day, Whisper Cottony Cotton & Whisper Ultra which comes with double protection and fresher feels. Being women bestfriend for years, Whisper definitely understand what every women needs to make their period experience, a very happy one =) Let’s check out what sets them apart from the other pads, shall we?

Whisper Cottony Clean is equipped with not only Circle of Protection to prevent fluid leakage for all sides protection, it’s also design with Blue Lock Core to absorbs even large amount of menses and lock it away from the surface. And of course, the Soft Cottony Cover is wonderfully made to be gentle against your delicate area to give you the best cottony experience for super clean whisper protection.

Whisper Ultra on the other hand, comes with Dri Weave property to absorbs fluid and helps preventing it from going back to the surface in order to keep your pad clean and dry throughout the day. Not only that, it’s also created with advance Duo Protect System which works by absorbing more in the middle and protects at the sides so you will continuously feel clean and dry.

Having the opportunity to try out one of them during my monthly flux these couple of days, I can confidently say it’s really deliver it claims. Whisper Cottony Clean leaves me feeling fresh and clean without any leakage!!! Now I can brace the day comfortably without having to worry about changing pads every few hours, weee \\^_^// Can’t wait to try my Whisper Ultra next, wink2 Until we meet again, keep calm & have a happy period ladies, adieu~


  1. i'm having the bloody cramp atm >.< wish i can learn some calming yoga moves as well.

    1. I can feel your pain babe, maybe you can learn the moves through Youtube? =)


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