The Bright Side with L'oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10...

Having fairer and brighter skin seems to be Asian women obsession since years and years ago... I used to feel that way too but now I'm pretty much embracing what I already have, a medium skin tone that can be easily morph into slightly darker shades depends on my outdoor activities. For me, protecting my skin against the nasty UV rays or any other pollutants will always be my top priority and if I achieved a whiter skin in the process, that'll be like icing on the cake, wink2 

Of course, those with combination-oily skin like yours truly have to factor in another aspect when purchasing face cream such as will the product make our skin shine even more than usual or can it miraculously make them go away? The pain we've to go through, sigh~ I believe that's what really inspired L'oreal Paris to come up with the new L'oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10, a whitening day cream with shine free formula, it could be the answer to lots of people dilemma =)

According to L'oreal Paris, their White Perfect Total 10 was created not only to give you fairer skin but also protecting it from external aggression and excess sebum. Packed with 5 complete brightening and 5 full protection benefits, this cream aim to provide a new total whitening solution that targeting existing damages from deep within right to the skin's surface where protection is optimized to prevent future UV-induced darkening while equip your skin with oil control formulation.

L'oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 is made from the unique combination of 3 vitamins; Vitamin C + Vitamin B3 + Vitamin E through Vitamin CX Technology and powered by the Advance Shield Complex SPF30 PA+++ to fight skin darkening at the epidermis level. Wondering about the 5 complete brightening & 5 full protection benefits that you'll get from using L'oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 religously? You'll be in for a surprise I bet, wink2

5 Complete Brightening 
Instant Brightening
Fairer Skin
Even Tone
Reduce Dark Spots
Shine Control

5 Full Protection

L'oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 
50ml [RM39.90] 

MY VERDICT : I really like the packaging; it's very secured and easy to travel with since it comes with the transparent white cap and cute blue tip to avoid any spillage. I also like the attention to details such as the thumb size trigger that fits my index finger perfectly, the cream light purple shade which happen to be one of my favorite color and of course the flowery fragrance, I'm loving it!!! The texture on the other hand is not as heavy as I initially think it will be and absorbs pretty well into my skin.

I've been using this cream for about 1 week now to replace my sunblock and I noticed that it did a pretty good job in protecting my skin from the sun exposure so far. I believe with continuous usage, I can have brighter and fairer skin just like L'oreal Paris promise. One thing that bothers me though, I still look shiny in the middle of the day whenever I apply this cream T_T I'm not sure weather it's because I'm not compatible with the products itself or due to any other reasons, sigh~

If you're looking for beauty cream that provides complete brightening action and full protection for your skin without burning a hole in your pocket, L'oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 is definitely made for you. You can check it out today at your local pharmacies, hypermarkets or any other participating outlets. For more information, do visit their website and facebook page. Until we meet again, have a wonderful day & enjoy your upcoming weekend lovelies, adieu~ 


  1. I'm using this too ! Love it... :)

    1. Love it too but I'm still shine bright like a diamond when I apply it, sob2

  2. sometimes it is our skin, no matter what we put on we still got oily. maybe we need to recheck our diet and water consumption, hehe!

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one, phew~ Will try my best to eat clean after this, wink2


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