Christmas Comes Early with Giftblob Mobile App...

I know it’s way too early for Christmas shopping, still don’t you just love the idea of surprising your loved one? I’m not sure about you but I do enjoy giving gifts and receiving it, hee~ After all, who in the right mind can say no to pressies especially from someone close to the heart, right? Who say you have to wait for Christmas or birthday to send gifts? Now you can be a Santa without the red suit =P

Introducing Giftblob, a smart and user friendly mobile application which enables smartphone users to send and receiving gifts via mobile. You can send a slice of cake, a cup of coffee or any other gifts you fancy easily and instantly n_n Sometimes a little gift can really makes a difference to someone’s day, imagine how you can cheer up your friends or family without moving an inch, wink2 

All you have to do is download the app for free at Apple Store or Google Play, Register and Sign In using your Facebook account and you’re good to go! You can select the gift from 6 different categories; Coffee & Cake, Momento, His & Hers, Surprise, Fashion and also Pamper. Since it’s in-sync with your Facebook, you’ll be reminded of your family and friends birthday but afraid not, you don’t have to worry about buying them gifts anymore, just pick and send it in a very simple steps.

My sister have been complaining non stop about her need for a pampering session so I decided to surprise her with a Foot Spa treatment ^_^ It’s quite easy to do with Giftblob, I only have to choose the gift (I purposely pick the spa nearby her place), select the recipent, write a personal message for her and proceed to make the payment to confirm the gift. 

You have the options to make payment using your preferred internet banking platform, easy isn’t it? The recipient will be notified through email or Facebook message and they will get a unique QR code to redeem the gift at the merchant outlet... If you’re looking for the ultimate surprises, you can always choose from the Momento category. Your gift will be sent directly to your special one’s doorstep!!! What a convenient way to make a grand gesture @_@

Curious??? Well, don’t be because you too can be a Santa with Giftblob app. Just download the app today and start brighten up someone’s day =) Never thought how simple and easy to make someone happy!!! For more information and details, do visit Giftblob offical site or Facebook Page. Until then, stay positive & have a wonderful day lovelies, adieu~ 

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