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I know the rose gold trend is not exactly new but I guess it's never too late to start investing in one since it's so timeless and wearable, right? I don't normally splurge for accessories but once in a while, I do feel like spoiling myself silly just to lift up my day (I'm sure most of you can relate to that, wink2) So, I spend my days and let my search for new rose gold bling-bling begin at =)

Rose gold is quite easy trend to follow, there are lots of stuff you can mix and match together or you can even wear it alone just like that... I love that it's very bold and such a great fashion statement, you can get away with almost everything whenever you wear it. Be it a sexy, classy, edgy, girly or glamorous; it complement every style and persona effortlessly!!! Let's check it out, shall we?





Rose Gold Watch

Rose Gold Sunglass

Rose Gold Bracelet

Rose Gold Earring

Loving the rose gold gorgeous accessories you seeing here? Take a look at their site from the links above to see the rest of the items at, you'll like it I bet =) Lots of choices, attractive prices, genuine designer goods, free 3 days worldwide shipping & of course the easy return policy!!! I really enjoy browsing through, everything is so painfully pretty and I can't really make up my mind, hehe XD Until then, have a rosy and golden week ahead lovelies, adieu~

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