The last goodbye...

dancing in the day-light =D

walking skeletons =P

belle of the ball n_n

all the graduates.. ^_~

with Fiza =)

with Danish @_@

I missed my old job, i missed the way all the kids looking up to me, trusting me and adore me like I'm some kind of a godsend... But most of all, I missed the way people treat me and believe in my abilities... I'm freaking good at it, I know I do... Teaching and sharing knowledge has always been my passion since forever... I got as much excitement as hunting for the perfect shoes just by thinking of new activities for my students...I never got the chances to properly say my goodbye to all of them before, so when my previous boss send me the invitation to their graduation, I'm more than happy to oblige... I'm a little afraid of course, I'm afraid they won't remember me as well as I do remember them... But I need this, I need to feel alive like I used to feel before...

It's not that my current job is that bad, it's quite okay actually but I'm not used to people treat me like I'm nothing more than a mere girl whose existence may or may not affected them at all... I'm so used to feel needed and wanted at home or at work... I hate it when I didn't get enough respect as I should just because I happened to be in lower position than them... I hate it when my ideas and creativity wasn't welcome here... It almost get to the extent that I just gave up and acting just to get through the day... I can't be myself, my jubilant self, the real me that everyone knew... Omg, I just hate my job!!!

Anyway, back to the kids graduation, I feel happy to be part of them again eventhough it's for a short period only, they still recognize me but a little wary and reserved than they used to... It's not for long however, the second I start making my funny faces, they let all their guards down and I'm once again Teacher Ayna that they once knew...

I'm glad that little thing like this making my day felt so much better... I can't help feeling unnatural sense of awe and proud watching them dancing, singing and acting like there's no tomorrow... I'm a little sad when it's all over, but live goes on and I have no choice but to say my last goodbye... Y_Y sob2


  1. alahaii..comeynyeee..and touchinnyer....

  2. what's your current job! are u still a teacher? coz i feel confused when i read old n new job :(

    did i miss a post about you changing jobs T_T if i did so sorry..

    i do feel when u talk about your students.. and if they would remember u..

    i remembered my kindy teachers still T_T but i don't even know where they are now..

    cheer up ayna, u will stil be the funny face n loving teacher.. in your student's hearts.. and one day they will think about you and go.. "how is she now!"

  3. ms iu : can't help it dear, i'm such a drama queen, hehee =P they are so cute & adorable especially the ballet performance....

    miu : i'm no longer a teacher dear, i get another job which offered me more benefits and slightly higher income but i'm not that thrill with it though, i'm too depressed actually to blog about it, but you're not missing anything much... i wish they somehow will remember me when they grow up, but children do have short span memory,they forgive and forget a lot faster than us all... it's okey anyway, at least i have leave my marks over there... hopefully it will last for quite sometime... ^_^

  4. U quit teaching???? OMG sorry that I didnt know bout this sooner. Aww I know how u feel Ayna. They may be naughty & smelly sometimes, but children are the best clients an employee could ever have. (at least in my opinion)

    Dont worry Ayna, I bet your pupils will remember u forever. Kids may have short attention span, but a great teacher will always inspire a student. =D

  5. thanks so much hanna, i really need that ^_^ i don't mind the smelly part, it's kind of smells innocent to me,hehhhe =P yup, i'm totally agree with you there, they make the best clients coz they don't pissed you off like adults do, hahahha =D


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