Lash out...

I never dream of using fake lashes before cause I always opted for more natural look... Besides, I think the over the top lashes are better saved for once in a lifetime event such as your own wedding or maybe special occasion...

Well, not anymore!!! After I heard about Shu Uemura crazy bargain in Loreal's warehouse sales, I just can't help myself to finally own the Shu Uemura's fake lashes... Thanks to Miu2, I managed to get my hands on couple of them at a very reasonable price @_@ I wish I'm daring enough to get more exaggerate pieces, perhaps after I'm invited to Academy Award's, hahha =D (keep on dreaming, Ayna =P)

mine, hehhhe ^_~

I heart this lashes so much!!! very unique & stylish... n_n


  1. wowww aynaa..try la fake lashes tuh..sgt pretty laaa ;)

  2. wow.. so pretty, yeah I like miu too!

  3. As much as I love lacy panties, I could never bring myself to wear anything lacy on other parts of my body, eye lashes included. hehee~ =p

    im not a falsies type pf person, but I always love that naturally-long falsies. Great haul btw, Ayna!

  4. ms iu : tu le, nak tunggu special occasion ni, hehhhe =P

    sherry : me 2, wink2 ^_~

    hanna : dramatic ckit pakai lashes over the top ni, hehhhe =P lace panties??? naughty ya hanna, haha

  5. i dont know anything bout lashes,
    but doesnt it make ur eyes err..


  6. hehehe, beauty is always a pain in the a**, just like the old says, no pain no gain, huhu~ =P

  7. wow u blog about your lash haul.. it's really worth it.. and the shu curler everyone's bugging me to buy for them (but i only manage to grab the last one for dear ayna)! :D

    r u goin to wear them on ur big day!!! hehehe... or a special occasion like hmm... a party!!!

  8. i know, you are really2 sweet to reserved it for me despite all the offers, i love u for it dear.. ^_^

    my big day??? i don't even have the right candidate yet, hehehhe =P ur party perhaps, we will have to wait and see, wink2 ^_~


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