I'll Be Missing You...

How fast the time flies, in just 2 more days, we will celebrating Hari Raya... This Ramadhan, I have lost someone who's dear to me, my college buddies, Ayie who passed away last week... He's one of the funniest and nicest guy I ever knew... How I wish I could turn back the time when we used to hang out and cracking stupid jokes at each other, how wonderful the good old days were, n_n

What I miss the most about him is his kindness; he's never the one who judge me, or others and he definitely have the ability to make people around him happy @_@ I feel so sad coz I didn't get the chance to see him before he died and the distance that prevent me from giving him the last goodbye... His death had surely shocked me to the core and kind of made me thinking, it could be me too~

If life is so short, I want to make sure I live it without regret and bitterness... So,I wanna take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness if I have intentionally or unintentionally hurt you guys all this while... I would deeply appreciate it if you can find in your heart to forgive my mistakes and flaws... I'm only human after all who is less than perfect, and prone to mistakes, heeeheee ^_^

To Ayie, you were definitely one of a kind, I knew I won't meet anyone like you again, you'll always be miss and love by us forever and ever~ I feel so lucky to knew you even though for a short time, you're irreplaceable... Goodbye to you, my dear friend... May Allah bless you, Amin...


  1. don't be sad Ayna..

    everything has its cycle..

    i'm sure he's up there smiling for knowing you remember him and cared for him...

    smile Ayna! for Ayie


  2. thank q miu2 for ur kind words, i really2 appreciate it dear and i'm sure he'll feel the same way too.. n_n


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