Kiss and make up...

my one night before raya haul, wink2

When I wrote about my last minute shopping in my previous post, it didn't exactly work out as I planned, I somehow got sidetrack with the ever tempting Benefit, Kiehl's and Clinique counter, heeehe =P and totally forgotten about anything else, ^_~

I bought Benefit Badgirl waterproof eyeliner (this probably the most expensive eyeliner I ever have, huhu~) + Benefit Creaseless Shadow/Liner in Recess (work wonderfully as primer) + the eyeliner sharpener + Bodyshop lip scuff a.k.a lip scrub (I never knew bodyshop have one, the Lancome SA actually told me about this, ^_~) + Bodyshop nail polishing block (which I bought 3 already this year, dunno where the rest goes, huh~) + Bodyshop shopping bag (it looks cute and easy to fold, @_@)

Anyway, the freebies that I managed to score along the way are Clinique Superfit Foundation (i don't really like it but doesn't hate it either) + Kiehl's Deep Pore Cleansing Mask (I love this one, @_@) + Kiehl's Centella Recovery Skin Salve (quite sticky to my liking...) Now, I knew exactly what to get on my next payday, hehhehe =P


  1. oh ayna dear!! u got my dream eyeliner was it? really waterproof as in waterprooffffff u know wat i mean haha

  2. Arghr benefit haul! Jelesnyer~ oh I got to redeem Clinique Superfit too! Mine is shade13. Gotta say I'm liking it. So in my to buy list, replacing my trusted Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous. Hehee

  3. lisa : hehhhe, it's really waterproof and long lasting but quite difficult to smudge, arghhh~ =_=

    hanna : really? u like it??? maybe the SA clouded my judgement coz she's so busy attending other customers and ask me to choose the shades myself, huhu~

  4. wattt!!! ask u to choose urself wth...why can't all the SAs out there treat every customer equally..ermm...
    hie hanna!! miss ya tau

  5. ya lah lisa, they should learn from kiehl's, people actually will keep coming back if you gave great services, kan???


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