Friends with benefit...

Make me up...

Friends with benefit is actually the title of One Tree Hill 2cd season OST which I think the most perfect title for this post ^_^ I'm sure you guys can definitely tell why I said so, and yes it's because this post is about my latest Benefit haul, hehehhe n_n I always tempted to have Playstick before but didn't buy it coz my foundation haven't come close to finish yet... The same goes with Lemon-aid, which I postponed buying for sooo long just because I thought they'll selling it in their warehouse sales (only in my dreams apparently, huhu =P)

Lots of love and thanks to my bff who gave me Dr Feelgood for my belated birthday gift, thanks girl, I loooooooooooooove it so much dear!!!! @_@ You really make my day, wink2 =P Anyway, Benefit as we all knew is quite stingy when it comes to freebies, I only got 2 eye-con sample + I cute paperbag for my purchase, which I actually got after I asked the SA twice, huh~ =_= If only they are more generous like Estee Lauder and Clinique...

I'm planning to buy Benetint sometime in the future coz my Cherry Crush stocks are almost finish but to tell you the truth, I'm hoping to find cheaper alternative for it since Benetint is quite expensive for the tiny miny bottle... =( Any idea/recommendation guys for other brands cheek & lip tint??? Do share with me ya, wink2


  1. wowwww nice haul!! suka Benefit yer??ehh playstick tu for what ehh??? huhuu.. i teringin nak try Benefit foundation,tp...still contemplating with other brand as well ...have u tried it before??? hihihihi

  2. thanks girl, hehehhe =P playstick is actually foundation + concealer + powder all in one... its quite easy and fun to apply... i only tried at their counter before, and instantly fall in love with it... u should try it dear... besh, hehheh @_@

  3. hello!!! miu is the answer!! look for miu!!!

  4. omg,u still have cherry crush??? coolness, hehhehe =P i want 2 ya, boleh??? @_@


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