Wishing well...

I want all of these soooo badly, if only I have all the money in the world, sob2 T_T Looks like I can only keep on dreaming~ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! or maybe I can buy one or two items from this list or all of them and then starving myself till the end of the year??? hahahha =D my mum will definitely throws a fit if she know what I've been up to, hehehe =P

Benefit's Eyecon - Eye Treatment

Benefit's Lipsciption - Lip scrub + Lip Balm

Benefit's F.Y.Eye - Eye Primer

Benefit's Smokin' Eyes Palette

Bobbi Brown's Basic Brush Collection

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown's Cheek Tint

Stila's Barbie LE Liquid Eyeliner

Stila's Barbie LE Lipglazes

Stila's Foxy Barbie LE Set


  1. oh no..why must u put stila up n remind me i can't buy the barbie collection sob sob..

    omg the liquid eyeliner?? barbie?!

  2. i'm torturing myself also, hahahha =D why oh why, they have to go???? sob2 T-T


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