Guitar hero...

I knew that I haven't blogging much lately, Ramadhan is always one of the busiest time for me ever... It's the only time actually I feel tempted to cook and bake, hehhehe =P I'm too shy to post pictures of the dishes I made, partly because even cooking simple dishes I somehow have the ability to make our kitchen looks like it's been hit by a tornado, hahhaha =D

I'm so eager to bake my favorite cookies like Chocolate Chip and Sarang Semut this year but our oven is still in a box at my old house, sob2 T-T Please anyone, send a new oven for me, I promise I'll bake my delicious chocolate chip cookies for you, hahahha =D

Anyway, I'm getting more attached to Aika lately, she kinds of brighten up my day and I can't hardly wait to come home everyday to be with her n_n I think she is my no 1 love right now, hehehhe =P I done a little research on how to pimp my Aika and come across this kawaii Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitars and accessories from Fender... Btw, I still think Aika is more gorgeous, wink2

The acoustic guitars, so kawaii ^_~

I love this one the most, coolness n_n

Pinky spell, sweet =)

Super cool guitar case @_@

This strap will match my Aika beautifully, hehhehe =P

I want want want this, *_*

And this one too, me likey!!! =D

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