For the love of the game...

After doing a very2 extensive research, I've come up with a theory on men or boys or whatever you wanna call them, hehhehe @_@ The case study here are men that I have had relationship with, my momentary flings and also my friends... I hope none of them will ever read this or I'm so dead, hahahha =D

Men I knew usually fall into these 2 categories, the first one is the Manchester United football team fans and the other one is Liverpool football team fans... I've seen a different set of pattern in their behaviour and attitude and what surprised me is how accurate this can be, so take note girls,
hehhehe @_@ I try my best not being bias here, so all these are honestly what I see around me and what I experienced myself... n_n (scouts honour =P)

Manchester United Fans - usually the guys are the one women always fall for, attractive, interesting and fun... but the bad things are they tend to be a jerk, selfish and over confidence men... And all my relationship with this type of men always end up with disaster, huh~ anyway, they make a very2 good friends to hang out and distract yourself from your trouble... for a relationship??? major NO - NO

Liverpool Fans - they are slightly sensitive and a little self conscious, but very nice and understanding... they are very thoughtful and will never intentionally hurt you... So far, I never have any bad things to say about any of them... They are not as exciting as the Manchester type but they are very2 sweet indeed... I'm still maintaining my friendship with my exes who fall under this category... For relationship, they are worth it, hehhehe =P

Of course, you can't solely take my words for it, I might not be right cause different people act differently, but just take this as safety measure, in case you ever need a guide, ^_^ (omg, i sound just like oprah now, hahahha =D) and to tell you guys the truth, i dont even like football that much but I seems to knew all the important names and details due to the obssession of men around me with the game...

I rather watch Mr Bean on tv's than a football match by the way, hahhahah =D But what can I do??? Men... We can't exactly kill them, and we can't live without them, hehhehe @_@ or I can always ask their favorite team before going out with them???
Actually, I always avoid asking this kind of questions cause I'm afraid they will start doing football trivia with me and bored me to death, hahhaha =D

p.s : please don't take heart ya guys, this is my crazy theory only, wink2


  1. hahaha.. tersengih-sengih i baca benda ni

  2. wei siyesly aku setuju ngan ko pun research ya. very true indeed! =)

  3. aida : aiyaaa, u football fans ke??? hehehhe =P

    deya : hahhaha, betul kan kan kan kan??? =D

  4. nope.. i macam u jugak laa.. ;)

  5. hehehhe, bagus2, dr tgk bola, baik kite tgk cite jepun, @_@


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