Back to black...

Black and red affair... ^_^

This is what me and my sis, Kak Zura been up to during our that time of the month (you know what I mean, heehee =P) Since I hate keeping my nails long, I used my sis nails to experiment with the super cheap Face Shop nail polish... We choose black and red because the combination is hot and sexy, hehhehe =P She did her left hand and I did her right... Pretty good for ameteur isn't it??? Next time, I wanna try draw the ladybird instead, hahahha @_@


  1. nice duo. perfect. i've never thought of painting my nails before...eheh.

  2. cuba bawak masuk kat pejabat... CC confirm terkedu dan ngamok .. :p

  3. suzie : hehhhe,thanks dear ^_^

    daakjat : tu tgn adik aku laa, hahhha =D

    tqah : gemok tapi comel, heehee =P


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