Not Ready To Make Nice...

This week is totally a roller coaster ride for me, when I'm happy, I'm very2 happy but when I'm sad, it's the lowest down I had... My facebook status this week are full of emotional burst of anger and also happiest moment I experienced, maybe it's the pms (thank god women can always put the blame on pms, hahaha =D )

To tell you guys the truth, I'm not really an angry person by nature, I hardly get angry with someone for a long time, it's kind of frustrating actually because when I'm angry, I just don't give a damn about anyone else, it's cooler and better than get your heart trampled over and over again, huh~ =_=

I'm angry with a lot of people this week, people who call themselves my friends but doesn't deserve my friendship at all, people who just can't leave me alone and people who judge me just because they think they are so much better... Well, you know what, I'm not gonna be nice to any of you again, you guys just lost my respect forever... Adios muchachos, dude~


  1. people loves to judge. pelik kan? kadang2 diaorang tak kenal kita sangat pon, tp bercakap mcm dah kenal lame sangat. orang2 mcm ni dont deserve any attention pon. ignore je. i've tried before. nanti u pun tak serabut fikir pasal diaorang ni dah.

  2. simone : thank q very much for your advice,dear... i will try my best to cheer up, ^_^

    aida : tu la psl, sometimes ignorance is a bliss~ buang ms kita je kan nak pk psl org2 mcm gini, huhu~

  3. wow!!
    adios muchachos!

    gile marah tu..hehe

  4. tu la, hr tu mmg agak emo, skrg dah fully recovered, hehehe @_@

  5. ayna, i can relate to your feelings atm as i too have been through a ride of emotions and unbelieve that friends whom i thought were my friends, care and help them turn sour in a matter of minutes for god knows what underlying pent up emotions that have been keeping. so full of themselves, they think everything were made for them and everything was from them. Unable to differentiate logical reasoning from their emotions and irrational thinking, i heard the most horrible statements one can hear from "friends". And just like your blog post say.. it time..

    adios muchachos u self-praiser and loather of anyone were once your friend.

    like Ayna said:

    Well, you know what, I'm not gonna be nice to any of you again, you guys just lost my respect forever... Adios muchachos, dude~

  6. dear, you are so much better than them, it's their lost not yours... i've met this kind of people over and over again and you know what, they are never worthy of your friendship in the first place... you'll be happier without them anyway coz you still have me, hehhe ^_~

  7. My lil advice here is, don't bother being overly nice with everyone. It's ok if u only have few friends, coz really...when u hit rock bottom will those hundreds of 'friends' from your Facebook friend list gonna reach u and give a helping hand? I learned it the hard way how painful a backstabbing 'best friend' can be.

    "You'll have many friends riding your limo together with you, but it takes real, true friends who would endure the long bus ride with your when your limo breaks down."
    ...or something like that according to Oprah.

  8. dear, that's so very true, i don't trust a lot people these days, people can change super fast and you'll see their true colors then... there are certain friends whom we can share all the dirty little secrets, but for the rest, you re better live without... i love the oprah quotes btw, she's genius, hehhe @_@


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