Time traveler's wife...

 I heart Rachel McAdam's & Eric Bana, ^_^

Although I never admit it, I'm actually hopeless romantic at heart, I love romantic movie especially when it's about the unrequited love... The sappier the movie, the more I love it... I love to cry over a movie especially if the hero is gorgeous, hahaha =D

Anyway, I'm very2 excited to watch this movie since it's one of my all time favorite book n_n If you already read it, you'll know why I said so, wink2
I dont want to ruin all the suspens by giving blow by blow details here, maybe after I watch it, I'll do a little comparison of the book & the movie for you guys, @_@

Some of you may not really into reading, so if you're looking for a heart wrenching romance, go book your ticket now with your love one this weekend... If this movie adapted the novel perfectly, I'm sure all of you guys won't regret it... I can't hardly wait to watch it myself, with lots of tissue of course, hehhehe =P


  1. ahaaa mahu tgk mahu...xsabar!!ingat citer ni xkeluar kat m'sia...tp kuar..huhuhu..yaaaa read the book!watch the movie!!

  2. omg love ur new profile pic!!!

    i got the invites for this movie but i had to ditch it to attend Shu Uemura event at pavillion! sob sob..

    it's a sad movie? :( i dun like to cry!!!

  3. i wan i wan too!

    bile kuar wayang? me n gf is going out for girls day out ahad..ahad da keluar ke?

  4. ms iu :omg, u read the book also??? bez sgt2 kan??? part last2 tu mmg i sedey thp sampai x lalu mkn arrr, hehehe =P

    miu : thank q so much dear, hehehe (suddenly so shy pulak, hahha=D)u got the invites??? waa,so lucky,the story is quite sweet and unique kinda like benjamin button, go watch it with your bf, wink2

    harim : it's already showing yesterday in some cinemas, watch with girls is better i think, boy don't really like romantic movie, rite??? hehehe =P


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