Good GIrl Goes Bad...

Last weekend probably the most fun I had in a while... Spending it with shopping + gossiping + fooling around with my bff which I haven't met for almost 2 years surely something worth mentioning about, right??? Big thanks to Mr K who made all our plans and arrangement possible, we definitely have a very awesome weekend, hehehhe @_@

Eventhough my feet hurt like hell from walking for 12 consecutive hours around KL in my highest heels, we both definitely don't let it deterred our mission, wink2 ^_~ After finished with all the shopping and browsing, we spend the night hanging out with our college buddies, catching up with each other, trading embarrasing and stupid stories that we used to do (hehehhe =P) and also remembering our friend, Ayie who have left us forever... (may he rest in peace, amin~)

I don't have many pictures to share with, just a little glimpse of our hauls and yummy breakfast we had, hehehhe @_@ I will try to upload the rest later when I manage to find my phone USB cable... Huhu~

mine was Escada perfume which I adore very2 much coz it smells so sexy, @_@ my bff bought PH perfume whom she heart and I still wondering why, hehehhe =P

breakfast in bed from Cupcake Chic, nyum2 @_@

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