Crush and bent...


Since I've both Benefit's Benetint and Stila Cherry Crush right now, of course the next thing I do is comparing them as soon as possible ^_^ Both claimed to be lip/cheek stain, but after using them myself, I can tell you that it can only served certain purpose only =(

Benetint, in terms of consistency, is quite sheer + light and perfect as a cheek tint. The applicator also made it easier to apply and give your cheek a very natural blush. It also last through out the day and hardly need any touch up... However as a lip tint, Benetint failed to deliver it promise because the brush is so damn hard to used on the lips. I have to resort to another alternative by using other brushes in order to get the result I desired. It's very drying on the lips and it have rose scent which annoyed me to no end, huhu~

The tint swap...
Benetint (left) Cherry Crush (right)

Cherry Crush on the other is thicker and harder to blend... I've to blend it first on my hand before apply it on my cheek, which stain my hands forever, huhu~ It lasted for sometimes but I need to touch up from time to time, =( As a lip tint, I'm lovin' it, @_@ The applicator is awesome (just like lipglaze), it smells like cherry (I like ^_~) and it create a very lovely natural pink colour that suits me well, it doesn't last long on my lips though but since I love using it so much, I don't really care about it...

The verdict??? If you looking for a cheek tint, Benetint is the perfect answer... It last forever, easier to blend (as long as you are fast and furious, hehehhe =P) and waterproof for any cheek kissing activities ala Hollywood, hehehhe =P For a lip tint, Stila Cherry Crush definitely the best, u got rose bud lips that looks so natural with lovely cherry scent and its so handy to bring anywhere... n_n

It bugs me that both of them are good in one department only (at least for me, huh~) and both of them are not exactly cheap I must said, I definitely allowed to have higher expectation and hopes... This is my 3rd and the last Cherry Crush I have and from now on I got to learn to make do with Benetint to survive, arghhh~ =_=


  1. I dah jual my Cherry Crush kat orang. Bila baca ur review rasa nyesal pulak pegi jual hari tu. Huhuhu

  2. why oh why u jual cuna??? sob2 T-T besh gler tu, mesti meor jth tangga kalau tgk u pakai, hehehhe =P

  3. coz i tot its color cam too red for me. huhuhu. arghhhh rugi2. baru nak tengok camne meor jatuh tangga tengok i. hehehe. huh sangat menyesal

  4. hahahha, sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada pendapatan, hehehhe =P die x la merah sgt, mcm natural lah color die, mmg sweet lah dgn u,kalau meor jth tangga, u kawen org laen je la, hehehhe =P


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