I'm currently lusting after The Daisy Rock guitar range which specially made for girls who still doesn't want to grow up like me, heeehee ^_~ I'm sure those who young at heart will definitely love their stuff too...

They not only sell all kind of guitars, they also sell guitar picks, straps, cases, bags, scamp amp, cable, apparel and even purses + totes, @_@ So kawaii and adorable, I lovin it very2 much, \\^_^// For more Daisy Rock, you can check out their site here ^_~

cute design to drool over, hehehe ^_~


  1. huhuu comeynye gitar...ohh anyaa bleh men gitar eh/?? waaa best2nyee..oh how i wish i got the play..pernah nak blajaa men gitar but then sekerat jalan..sebab sakit

  2. comel kan??? rasa nak gigit2 je, hahaha =D i men ala kadar je, x le terer pun, hehehe =P yg sakit tu la besh, jari i mmg x cun lagi dah jdnye, hahahha =D

  3. the other day, i saw this guitar necklace, teringat kat u :)

  4. ye ke??? x mau belikan utk i ke? hehehhe =P


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