It's Just The Season...

my emotionally disturbed pose, huhu~

Lately things doesn't really going well for me, too many deaths, heartache and strings of bad luck happened... I wish I have the ability to take it all away, play pretend everything will be okay and carry on with being my usual self... But I can't keep fooling myself, it's eating me alive to act like it doesn't affected me at all... How I wish I can erase everything, walking straight and never look back... Do you feel the same way too??? Is it me or it's just the season???


  1. vogue betul u dalam pic tu. emotionally disturb pun pose tak hengat ;P

  2. hehee, biasalah i ni, x boleh jumpe camera, mesti gatal nak pose, hahaha =D tp jiwa tgh kacau time tu sbnrnye, T-T sob2

  3. Wah! Ingtkan pic Nicole Richie masuk court td. Hehee.

    Btw, I hope ur doing fine by now dear. take care yea. ;)

  4. kenkadang u need to be alone for a while.. just to sort out things internally.. then, u need ur friends to cheer u up! lepak dengan member yg buat lawak bengong.. sure u akan ok.. ;D

  5. ayna dear hope you are doing strong ya gal take care

  6. Hanna : hehhe, bukan mcm mak datin klh kes kat court ke??? =P anyway, thanks Hanna for ur concern ^_~

    Aida : yup, that's so very true... I think I'll be just fine before I know it, thanks gurl!!!

    Lisa : thanks dear, i really appreciate it @_@ send my love to baby Jayden too, hehee ^_^


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