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When you combined 2 of my favorite things together (cosmetics + guitar), you surely had me at hello (Renee Zellweger's words in Jerry Maguire, remember??? hehhe =P) The Anna Sui's latest fragrance definitely caught my eyes with guitar-like bottle in my favorite color, purple, and also cute bag designed in guitar shape with diamante as a freegift, @_@ How can i resist all that??? The answer is of course I can't, hehehhe =P

I'm sure this is not Agyness Deyn one and only perfume ads, and I never understand her 80's style anyway but Anna Sui certainly good at promoting their stuff... They given out lots of cool freebies with any Rock Me purchase + makeover (which I rather pass since I hate to ruin my already rock chic's makeup, hehehhe =P)

I bought 30 ml Rock Me perfume + eye color accent in dark purple + liquid eyeliner in black and get mascara + oil control fluid + pore minimizer + Rock Me miniature & sample + cute bag as a freegift... Me likey @_@

This perfume I think actually targeted to teenagers who are in their rock star wannabe phase, coz it's way too girly to my taste and I don't think rockers wear this kind of perfume, hahaha =D I never considered myself as a rock star by the way, so who cares, I can always use it when hanging out with my girls, hehehhe =P Anyway, don't get suck in with the ads and promo if you're not a fan of girly scents, buy this if you're looking for gift and present, it'll be just perfect ^_^


  1. nice haul ayna ...nice freebies hehe

  2. waaa beli 1 perfume dpt sumee tu ke? menarik much issit eh ayna??huhuh

  3. nice ah... haha i thought u will add up to rm380 get the canvas bag itself as well :D , so whats your total damage ...

  4. u bought from parkson?RM300 also can get lomo camera right?

  5. lisa : thanks dear, u got lots of freebies from shu uemura also, makes me jealous, hehehe =P they give away fake lashes, rite???

    ms iu : actually i beli perfume + eye shadow + eyeliner baru leh dapat beg tu + other freebies, tp kalau kat benefit beli satu counter pun dpt sample je, huhu~ =(

    jess : have to buy up to rm380, then can get another bag + charmbracelet, but me pokai alraedy, sob2 Y_Y (I want that guitar bag so bad,have to fork out rm320 but i'm happy, hehehhe =P)

    baby : yup from Parkson, but the lomo camera stock are limited, i missed it, sob2 T_T

  6. whoaaa ayna!!!jelesnye u dapat beg tu. rm320??phewww i kene pikir 100x kalau nak beli.terer la u. kasi tabik spring sket;) bau die mesti sweet2 kan? i like yg fruity tak dapat tengok beg u jadik la.hehehe

  7. hihi..i think i just save $$ raid anna sui warehouse sale only la..since anna sui whse sale sell quite new product ....i repeated ask like 4 times only the SA go and get those freebies for me..dunno shes dumb tak paham bahasa or dunno bout the promo or just act dumb...keep on push me buy the bigger bottle...why u dunwanna order online for benefit least they give 2 samples hahaha...

  8. Ish jakinye I tgk all the love-lay beauty hauls, benci! *mengurut dada menahan sabar* LOL~

    Ayna, I love your Anna Sui mini haul! Erk I dont get Agyness Deyn either, from her head to toes! But it does looks cute for a b'day wish

  9. cuna : hehehe, my sis pun calling me crazy, i can buy a real guitar instead with that price, huhu~ bau dia sweet2 suam2 kuku gitu, bau perfume jlo sweet lagi rasanye, hehhe =P

    lisa : i think they purposely act dumb to fool us and save all the freebies for themselves, such a jerk rite??? huh~ =_= they should be spank, hahaha =D

    hanna : nanti u dpt 3 bln gaji tu, borong lah satu klcc, hehehe =P mase tu I lak yg mengurut dada, hahaha =D I pun x fhm nape org ckp dia fashionista, mcm boy george je i tgk, huhu~

  10. dapat kat klcc ke? I pergi pyramid and one utma x ada.. only klcc ;(

  11. really??? i thought they have the same promotion at sunway pyramid as well... i still see the booth at klcc today, cepat2 b4 habis, hehehe =P



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