[Giveaway] Black Seed Love with Remember Me - The Wonderful Oil

Does Black Seed Oil or its scientific name, Nigella Sativa rings a bell to you? What about it's arabic name, Habbatus Sauda? I'm sure you've heard of it before, right? In case you haven't; Black Seed Oil is extracted from its annually blue and white flowering plant, which originally from Mediterranean region but has now spread to many parts of the world such as Arabian peninsula and central Asia. Famous for it's health benefit, there have been over 458 published studies in numerous medical literature referring to the healing properties of Black Seed Oil and it's even recommended by our beloved Prophet, Muhammad SAW =)

Historically, it has been used to cure headache, toothache, nasal congestion, cancer, arthritis, weight gain, weight loss, hair loss and to aid in lots of others skin ailment. Since it's very hard to get 100% pure and virgin Black Seed Oil here in Malaysia; Remember Me, a local organics and beauty line  introducing their authentic cold pressed Black Seed Oil imported all the way from Egypt, The Wonderful Oil that's specially packed in a modern and chic packaging for Muslimah all over the world to regain their beauty and health through prescribed sunnah livelihood in a convenient and eye catching presentation.

Remember Me - The Wonderful Oil
50ml [RM55.00]

I was advised to consume Black Seed Oil during my pregnancy by my close friend but I already bought Virgin Coconut Oil at that moment so I never get the chance to try out Black Seed Oil yet. The great thing about Remember Me - The Wonderful Oil is, you can either take it as a supplement or apply it on your body or even include it in your beauty regime. It's so practical for everyday use, I find myself always reaching for it when my skin gets too dry from the constant exposure to the air conditioning in my office and when I'm having a severe headache which I normally get when I'm too stressed out =( 

I like to mixed it up with warm water and drink it just like that and since it comes with a dropper, it's quite easy to control the amount of products you want and so much less messier... Another lovely touch about this product is of course the beautiful packaging. If you think it's look familiar, well it's designed by the very same illustrator as the Duckscarves, isn't that awesome? ❤_

If you're concern whether this oil will suits your oily skin or not, don't worry it absorbs quickly into your skin and left a well moisturize feelings that lingers for hours. Not only that, it also have a pleasant scent that's subtle, soft and not overwhelming at all!!! The only thing that I wish can be done differently is perhaps they can include a box as part of the packaging so it can be perfect as a gift for your loved one =) Other than that, I really like Remember Me - The Wonderful Oil and look forward for more unique products from the line. 

If you love it too and want to be among the lucky one who own this miraculous oil, well I have good news for you!!! Just complete the rafflecopter below & answer a simple question in the comment section with your email address. I'll randomly pick 3 winners who answered it correctly and each of them will walk away with Remember Me - The Wonderful Oil products worth RM110 ^_^ You have until 31st December 2015 to enter this giveaway and I'll announced the winners in this post within 3 days after it ends. And yes, this giveaway open exclusively for Malaysian residents. Until my next entry, good luck lovelies, adieu~


  1. I've actually done research on the black seed. :) It's pretty amazing!

    1. Agreed with you, it's do lots of amazing things =)

  2. 1) To cure headache
    2) Cancer
    3) Toothache


  3. Hi Ayna, i never tried anything regarding habbatussauda so I guess this is the right time to try my luck ^_^ dah lama berkenan nak cuba tapi tak tahu yang mana elok. Here's my participation :

    3 benefits of black seed oil:

    1. cures headache
    2. cures toothache
    3. reduces nasal congestion

    email : trisy7@gmail.com

    thank you for hosting such lovely giveaway Ayna, tolong kiss Ammaar Zahran for me <3 love seeing that little caliph punya antics on your account, hehe!

    1. Thank you for participating Mieza dear, I'll kiss & hug Ammaar for you, I'm sure he'll love that, hee~

  4. Black Seed Oil cures:
    1. Headache
    2. Toothache
    3. Cancer

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. Thank you for participating in this giveaway =)

  5. The three benefits are can be taken as a supplement, apply it on your body and for nasal congestion!

  6. The three benefits of black seed oils - to cure headache, toothache and nasal congestion!

  7. Replies
    1. Hi dear, you can purchase it from www.vivaqueenbee.com or at Garderobe outlet =)


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