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Morning lovelies, it's a wonderful day isn't it? I'm not really myself this couple of days so I guess why not I blog about something that will cheer me up instead of blaming my PMS for everything, right? Still remember my Lux Scentsational Fine Fragrance review here? Well, thanks to Lux Malaysia, I was invited for their media getaway at the very luxurious Casa Del Rio, Malacca!!! What makes it even special, I get to enjoy the stay with my lovely blogger friends too, weeeeee~

Everything about Casa Del Rio scream luxury; the spacious room, the kingsize bed, the huge bathtub, the beautiful veranda... Oh my, Lux really know how to make a woman feel special Did I tell you that Casa Del Rio's interior was inspired from the Portuguese art & culture? Even the halls were named after Portuguese ships that once ruled the strait of Malacca! I always have a soft spot for Malacca; the history, the food, the kebaya nyonya~ Who in the right mind can say no to all these? Not me, hehe =P

Upon arrival, all of us were given a booking card for our spa session at Casa Del Rio's in-house spa, the Satkara Spa. After 2 hours journey from KL city to Malacca, nothing I want more than indulging myself with a fancy massage treatment! Satkara Spa using fusion treatments crafted from pure European and Malaysian essences. You get the best of both world here, a little western touch & tradition technique as well. I'm lucky enough to experience their awesome Satkara Signature Massage that day ^_^ 

Besides that, Satkara Spa also offers other treatments such as Traditional Malay Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Chinese Foot Massage, Aroma Essence Facial, Gentleman Facial and also Baba Nyonya Facial. The spa also have jacuzzi and shower facilities to freshen up yourself after your session. Not only that, there are unique massage oils for you to choose from and purchase too! I'm leaving the spa feeling relax, rejuvenate and can't wait to get ready and dolled up for our eventful night =)

Before heading out for the dinner, we attend a Fine Fragrance Workshop conducted by David Boyd, the Global Fragrance Director from Givaudan. According to David, creating fragrance for body washes is just as complex as creating a bottle of perfume, there is a lot of experiments and creativity involved to ensure the fragrance compliments the brand and able to resonate with the customer emotion and give them a wonderful experience.

Givaudan, the world class fragrance house worked closely with a highly specialized development team to create multi faceted, complex and mysterious scent from Lux, the Magical Spells. It is a blend of 8 mystical ingredients which has a romantic and sensual floral heart with a key note of the rare black orchid, an exquisite flower which can be found in Malaysia jungle! Magical Spell is the new Lux collaboration to continue their iconic beauty brand legacy in our region.

Soon after that, all of us were taken to the Casa Del Rio's ballroom to enjoy our special dinner and guess what, Fazura (celebrity/Lux Malaysia's brand ambassador) was there too! She even welcome us personally that night, what a sweetheart~ If you're feeling curious, yes she's like a living doll, so pretty and feminine, I can feel her Lux aura radiating from miles away, wink2 We were entertained that night by the funny man, Abang Naz who had a field day teasing Fazura mercilessly =P

Just right before the airing of Lux official TVC featuring Fazura, the attention shifted to the 2 mesmerizing belly dancers who showing some fascinating moves on stage. Too bad, most of the audience are ladies, men will definitely appreciate the show so much more than us, LOL While enjoying the show, our hands were full trying out delicious food prepared for us. As usual, I'm aiming straight for the desserts first and bypass the other cuisine, wink2

Tanya Teng, the Brand Manager for Skin Cleansing at Unilever Malaysia in her speech that night emphasize that deeply rooted in the heart of every Lux body wash is fragrance because it's such an important part of every woman's beauty ritual. Fragrance helps woman feels good about themselves and allow them to express what she truly feels through the lingering scent after using one of Lux body washes - Magical Spell, Soft Touch, Velvet Touch, White Impress & Wake Me Up.

Of course I didn't missed out the one and only chance to be photograph with the lovely Fazura ❤ She's so glamorous and pretty, I felt so ordinary next to her T_T Contrary to the rumors I heard about her before, she's humble and sweet, and she bring the aura of Lux's girl perfectly =) I'm getting a bit starstruck there, thank god nobody noticed that, LOL Since all of us wearing either pink or purple that night, she really stands out like a star among us...

I was so lucky to have such a great company to enjoy the media getaway with. We had so much fun hanging around each other that I almost forgot that our journey was about to come to an end. Look at all of us clad in the shades of pink and purple, we truly embrace the Lux persona that night, wink2 Everyone of us dress to the theme and looks like million bucks =) Revisiting the memories really made me itching to jump into bath tub and indulge myself with Lux body wash right now, hehe =P

Thanks to Lux Malaysia generosity, we got to bring back home lots of stuff too. I think I have enough toiletries to last me for months =) The picture above is only half of the items btw, cool isn't it? Thank you very much Lux for having us, we had so much fun playing rich and famous at Casa Del Rio Malacca, wink2 Can't wait to set my sight on Malacca again! Until we see each other again ladies, Salam Aidiladha to all Muslims out there, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Lux Malaysia facebook page

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