Oliver Twist with Tebe Lavish Soap Bar...

For centuries, olive have been associated not only as a key ingredient to lots of wonderful dishes (I always love food that comes with a little hint of olive oil taste in it =P), it's also works as a perfect element for both health and beauty treatment due to its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties...

I have a very complex skin problem, oily on my face and dry skin on the rest of my body... It's quite tricky to find a solution that can solve both problems simultaneously, sigh~ One night, during my "Masterchef" moment in the kitchen, I accidentally spill a little olive oil on my hand and since it's smells so good, I just leave it like that for a while... You know what? I can feel how very subtle and natural it moisturize my skin... This is true story by the way, you can try and feel it yourself if you doubt my words ^_^

from New Zealand with ❤

Of course I can't use the whole bottle for my body, it'll raise suspicion among my family when all the olive oil gone mysteriously, hehe =P Not to mention the temptation and irresistible urge to eat myself, lol That's why I'm so glad when I meet The Skintopic, Olive & Tebe range... It's not only made from natural ingredients, it's also gentle enough to suit all skin types and comes with fast absorbing and non greasy formulation!!!

I'm instantly drawn to their triple milled Tebe Lavish Soap Bar which contain Chamomile flower extract, an anti-inflammatory agent that often used to soothe dry and irritated skin... It smells so divine and true to it's name, I do feel rich and extravagant when I lather it up against my skin =) For RM68, it's definitely a worthy buy since the size is quite big and can last for a long time... The scents oh my, it lingers and clung to my skin forever, I love it ❤_❤
soap opera episode 1 n_n

However, the scent might not appeal to everyone though, men especially... For me, it smells like a luxury that everyone can afford, a simple treat for yourself after a long day at work... Since it's made from pure olive leaf extract and doesn't produce too much foam, it's considered organics enough in my book =) I do wish it's more travel friendly coz I would love to feel rich and famous everywhere I go, wink2

Oh yes, you can check out their whole range at Olive & Tebe FB page or you can just visit their counters at Metrojaya MidValley, Metrojaya Bukit Bintang, Metrojaya The Curve, Parkson Sunway Pyramid and The Skintopic's stores at both Pavilion and Subang Parade Mall... I'm eye-ing their Tebe Exfoliating Soap Bar for my next treat by the way, what about you?

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