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Looking young has always been women obsession for centuries. Back then, they relied heavily on natural resources to help maintain their youthful look and appearance. It's not surprising that most of them still look healthy and beautiful even at their golden age =) Me? I know I look older than I supposed to so yes, anti aging stuff have become one of my top priority now... Thanks to the fast delivery, Vanity Trove x Kose special edition box come just at right time and place ❤_

If you are following the local beauty community, you probably aware that Vanity Trove July box had ignited quite a reaction from the beauty enthusiasts. Some of them love it, some of them not really happy about it. Honestly, I felt a little bit of both. I kind of like the idea of special box collaboration with renowned brand like Kose very much but I'm not that excited about the products size given. I'm hoping for at least one full size item since my previous Vanity Trove boxes never fail to do so =(

As you can see from the above picture, there are 5 deluxe size products and sample sachets from Kose Infinite Young range came with this box. Almost all of them is from their latest Pure Advance collection which just hit the Malaysian market in July. Let's take a closer look at the products shall we? =)

 (1) Infinity Kose - Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel
If you're looking for cleansing oil with gel like texture, this definitely the one you should go for. It's quite different from the regular cleansing oil which I personally think can be quite hard to control and manage. Retail at RM119 for 120g, it's worth checking out if you looking for alternative form of cleansing oil that is travel friendly.

(2) Infinity Kose - Pure Advance Serum II
It's actually works to adjust the balance of oil and water in skin which is prone to open pores and rough texture, caused by dryness. It's quite heavy for me and don't absorbs as fast as I want to but it does feel softer once the serum settle in. Price at RM169 for 120ml, it's not really a must have if you're not a fan of heavy consistency serum.

(3) Infinity Kose - Deep Protection UV
This is actually not a part of the Pure Advance range but a very nice addition indeed. Retail at RM118 for 30g, it works by protecting the skin from UV-A and UV-B rays with the highest SPF/PA protection to protect the skin firmness and elasticity. With the harsh Malaysian weather, this can become handy for those who works outdoor a lot. I might have to think twice about giving it another shot though since it does feel oily when applied to my skin.

(4) Infinity Kose Pure Advance Essence Lotion II
 Essence lotion is pretty much like toner, works by rejuvenate and plump up the tired skin with it's natural essence. I like how refreshing it made my skin feels like and how pleasant the scent is against my skin. Price at RM169 for 160ml, I have the feeling that even the full size item wont last me that long, wink2

(5) Infinity Kose - Pure Advance Clear Up Wash
I know I should review the cleanser first but a little chaos is kind of interesting, don't you think? =P With it's meringue like bubbles, this face wash removes any sebum and makeup from your skin effectively with only a tiny amount of product. The cheapest of them all at only RM99 for 120g, I will probably buy it just for the texture alone, hehe =P

(6) Infinity Kose - Pure Advance Eye Jelly
If you lucky enough to see my eyes without any makeup, I'm sure you will cringe at the sight of it. It's badly in need of a secret potion that can vanish the signs of aging and make it look more presentable. Unfortunately, this eye jelly which claim can help creating eyes that radiate with a vibrant impression can't last me long enough to see the improvement =( I'm still in my never ending quest to find the perfect eye cream though, may the force be with me~ Retail at RM180 for 20g, go grab it if you're a big fan of eye jelly.

Before I forget, there's also a voucher given in this box to redeem a FREE trendy pouch and skin consultation & analysis with any purchase from Kose Infinity Pure Advance range. Check out Kose Malaysia FB page or their website here for more information about the products. Vanity Trove beauty box is retail at RM50 and can be purchase through their website link here. Do visit Vanity Trove FB page for more updates and beauty promotion =) Till then, have a fabulous Sunday & stay forever young ladies, adieu~


  1. boleh try ni. nak tambah kekacakan lagi.hahaha

  2. Betul3x, bagi sampai kacak terlampau, hehehe =P


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