Dare You To Move...

I missed their first show in KL few years ago and I decided back then, nothing can stop me from going to their concert in Malaysia again, I even planned to go to their Singapore show if they didn't drop by at KL, thank god I didn't have to do that, they adjusted their tour dates at the very last minutes and make an appearance at Kompleks Mutiara, Sentul on 1st May =)

I can spend hours just talking about my fav band in this world, Switchfoot and still I can't justified their musical influences in me in just one mere day. Big words, I know but Switchfoot, despite it's roots is really2 one of the best-est band I could ever think of (I'm bias but lots of peeps out there can vouch for their work you know, lol) I'm so inspired to play guitar because of them and the first song that I learn to play is "You" from Switchfoot itself =P

I never heard of Kompleks Mutiara before but my love for Jon Foreman and his band drove me to the hunted place with my sis... Because of the un-popular choice of location, it felt very much like an underground gig that only a few chosen one selected to attend, which added the mystery to the concert itself, wink2 

We waited quite a while before the band show up, thanks to the technical problems from the organizer, haih =_= Like usual, the band charmed me from the very start and continue to do so till the end of the show @_@ I must said, I enjoy myself way too much and loving their non stop energetic performance ^^ This is by far the best birthday gift I ever got for myself and the best concert I had the honor to be a part of!!!

Anyway, I dislike the opening act, Busco which sound very much like Bunkface, and they sang like forever and bored me to death, huhu~ I think all 1,000 fans that present that day must felt the same way too because as soon as the light dimmed and the spotlight focus on the band name on stage, everyone were shrieking like crazy!!! After 7 studio albums and 15 years in the business, Switchfoot definitely know how to build up their audience anticipation and suspense...

They started the night with The Sound from their latest album Hello Hurricane, before singing their hits like Stars and a very emotional version of Your Love Is A song (one of my personal fav) The show goes on with Awakening, which Jon sang with his brother who also in the band, Tim Foreman... The crowd getting crazier and crazier as they keep up the momentum with Needle And Haystack Life before the light were dimmed again...

This time around, they coming back again with their all time hits, Dare You To Move taken from A Walk To Remember OST, which without a doubt was the crowd's favorite... This song brought them an overnight fame and a huge mainstream break to the band in the industry =)

Switchfoot not only sing with their heart, their passion for music clearly illustrated with the beautiful melody and lyrics, eventhough their words were debated for being preaching and gospel-ly at times, I guess different people decipher and interpret it differently, so I'm cool with that ^_^ I'm on board with the music which keep on evolving over the years but their humble personality still remain very much the same...

Being the hyper performer that he always identified with, Jon jumped to beat, even go as far as climb the stage with 16 hits after hits from their current and previous albums and urged us to sing along and be in the moment with him and the music...

I'm quite close to the stage and as you can see from the pictures, Jon Foreman is cuter and hotter than I can ever imagine, he get us on fire not only with his guitars but harmonika as well and keep us rockin' throught out the night =) he's one heck of energizer bunny I must say, hihi =P I had nothing but respect for a guy who can play guitar beautifully complete with a sexy voice, I guess I'm still a big sucker for cute guys who musically proficient, wink2

Unfortunately, all good thing must come to the end, the almost 2 hour musical journey seem to goes by way too fast and I can't help but wanting the night to never stop =( Malaysia, being the last leg for their South East Asian tour clearly not the last thing on their mind... Before leaving the stage, the band not only leave it with style but words that warm up all their Malaysian's fans, hehe =P Taken from Jon Foreman's twitter; "I think we saved the best for last. Malaysia, tonight will be one we will never forget!" Yes, we won't forget you for sure and we'll hold to your promise to come back again next year, wink2

Till then, this is my special pose with the concert banner after the show and I dare all of you to move and switching your foot to 2012, adieu~ @_@

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