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I think the money I spend on cosmetic had escalated dangerously during every Christmas season, which always made me felt bad for a little while, but like an addictive drug, I can't help but falling into the loop over and over again... I might regret some of it later but right now, these are my babies, my happy pills and my guilty pleasure @_@

You know how it feels when you're a kid and walk into a candy shop? It's exactly the same with me, I get the similar excitement everytime I step my foot in my favorite cosmetic store, it's a very2 fantastic feeling to try every single stuff that I fancy and use it to my heart content... Anyway, I've stray away from the thing I wanna blog about which is my 2011 Christmas haul, behold the beauty peeps, wink2

Estee Lauder Blockbuster Set - RM250 
My verdict : IT'S A SPLURGE!!!

Okay, I must be honest, I'm not impress at all with any Estee Lauder Christmas Set this year, I think it's the same thing all over again but with different packaging and slightly different color selection. 

The quality for this set is so-so only especially the eyeshadow set, the blushers are awesome though... Since my mum adore this so much, me and my sis decided to bought this set for her birthday few weeks ago and I'm very happy to say that she still very much in love with it to date n_n

Sephora Makeup Studio Blockbuster - RM179 
My verdict : IT'S A STEAL!!!

This is a pretty good investment in my part I think, the shades are very2 nice and with 96 eyeshadows, I got plenty to play with, yeay!!! I just don't get it why there are so many lip glosses in this set, who'll actually wear some of the colors in the real world? =_= 

This definitely a great tool for makeup artist, lots of colors to experiment with and it comes with eyeliners and mascara too, the shades are quite intense and pigmented, with the price, it's certainly a bargain I can't refuse, hehe =P

Benefit Cosmetic Website Haul - USD125 (approximately RM400)
My verdict : IT'S A STEAL!!!

As much as I love Benefit Cosmetic, I think it's outrageously priced here in Malaysia, and they didn't valued their regular customer such as myself that much, so I had to resort to another sources, which more reasonably price and gave me freebies without even asking...

Thank god for Benefit Cosmetic Website that provides lots of great deal from time to time for their customer =) My total purchase which will cost me twice the amount here, entitle me to free shipping and free Benefit Thrrob face powder, definitely a very huge steal in my book!!! I'll never turn back to retail shopping again, this I can definitely promise you ^_^

Lush Christmas Candy Box Set - $67.50 (approximately RM170)
My verdict : IT'S A SPLURGE!!!

I have a mixed feeling about it, especially since I knew that Lush Singapore were giving 35% discount for all their Christmas Gift set on the boxing day =( Anyway, I have Hanna to thank for this gift set, she bought it for me during her Singapore trip last week, thanks babe @_@

Lush goodies are so delicious and to die for, it may be a bit expensive compare to any other bath products but it's definitely a nice treat for yourself and a great way to lift up your mood after having a bad day n_n There are 6 products in this set; 2 soaps, 1 shower gel, 1 lip tint, 1 bubble bar & 1 bath ballistic... and every single of them smells so divine, and it make me wishing for a bathtub more than ever now, T-T

Shu Uemura WKW Collection Drowning in Flames palette - RM198
Shu Uemura WKW Collection Brush Set - RM190
My verdict : IT'S A SPLURGE!!!

This is without a doubt is definitely a splurge, which I won't buy unless I'm very2 in lust with it, hihi =P Fortunately enough for me, this is a gift from my dear "Santa", who really2 know how to make me a very2 happy kid, wink2 I love the selection of shades for this particular palette, purple + pink + gold, it's refreshing and the packaging too, it's stunning and breathtaking, this collection definitely mesmerize me the most among other Christmas collection this year!!!

That's why I save the best for last, wink2 The brush set is so awesome and work wonderfully with the eyeshadows, I'm in love~ @_@ If I don't count the brush case, I guess this set is perfect for me and it's a very2 worthy buy if you're looking for a great stuff with a good quality =) 

My hypothesis :-


  1. Being a woman, we can't get enough of makeups, clothes, shoes and accessories ;-)

  2. wow weee~ lurve ur haul to the max!!! i pn ada order benefit gift set exactly cam u punyer. another 1 palette set. nway rite now i'm in jealous mode T_T

  3. Yati : I can't resist all the wonderful goodies, I'm sure most of the women can 't help but feeling the same way too, wink2

    Cuna : X de maknenye bak jeles, u pau la meor pas ni gak, hehe =P u bought glam palette set tu ke Cuna? nak tgk, heee~ TIme Xmas hari tu, every week they come up with new promo, I mcm nak yg makeup bag tu, tp dh order awal pulak, nasib thrrob tu santek, I like, hehehe =P beli kat counter mmg x la da dpt murah, freebies apetah lagi, sob2


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