For Your Eyes Only...

I can't speak for everyone else but I knew, deep in every specky girls hard wired brain, there must be a little nagging voice inside that whispered every now and then, how fantastic their life will be without wearing spectacles... All those sports activities, glamorous events and even a daily visit to the nearby groceries store will certainly be so much easier without having to worry about your glasses existence... 

The options??? Laser surgery is way too expensive for me and come with it own risks, so I have to leave it out of the solution... =_= Contact lens on the other is the perfect substitute for spectacles, cheaper and safer, and my favorite definitely is FRESHKON Alluring Eyes range ^^

The greatest thing about FRESHKON Alluring Eyes is it provides a very natural sheen to the eyes, and doesn't look fake like many other lenses out there, this is a huge point for me cause I hate to end up looking like a freaky doll and give other people nightmares, hehe =P It also give bigger and brighter eyes effect with it's full circle print, very2 nice indeed =)

gorgeous shades and colors =)

It comes in 4 beautiful color; Mystical Black, Winsome Brown, Magnetic Grey and Mesmeric Black, wider power range (up to -10.00D), 55% water content for more comfort and long hour wearing (8 hours), larger optical zone for clearer vision, higher DK value (23) for better ocular health and last but not least; it's very2 easy to handle cause it's free from lens curling problems, yeay!!! n_n

my beauty tools, ^_^

With only RM60 a box, you can have beautiful, dazzling eyes and mesmerize every male population to your heart content without missing a beat, isn't it awesome, don't you think? @_@ I have dark brown eyes myself and with the help of FRESHKON Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown and a little bit of makeup, the shades clearly intensified and gave me a very seductive Arabian look which I can barely pull before ^_~ 

Arabian princess in disguise n_n

Get your hands on FRESHKON Alluring Eyes now and you can join their FRESHKON Alluring Eyes Model Search by liking their Facebook page here and upload your sexiest gaze, who know you might be the lucky one who will walk away with RM1,000 and one year supply of FRESHKON Alluring Eyes contact lenses!!! I joined the contest already, hopefully luck will be on my side this time around, wink2 Btw, the contest is still ongoing until this 31st October, so don't missed it out girls, good luck and stay alluring~ \\^_^//

post your alluring gaze and turn others green with envy @_@

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