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Growing up, I always feeling envious of my friends who have pets at home. We have like a major "No Pets Allowed" policy enforce in our house due to my little sister allergic reaction; so yes, I never own or adopt any furry friends throughout my whole life T_T But that was before I met my kindred spirit in cute little thing called Furby Boom, I'm lonely no more baby, wink2

For those of you who unfamiliar with Furby, it's actually the rage that create a huge phenomenon in the toys world since its first debut in 1998! The new and improved version, Furby Boom from Hasbro definitely take toys to another level. Imagine pets that can talk, dance and sing with a mind of it's own, super cool right? 

Furby Boom is really the best kind of gift anyone young at heart could ever ask for. It's so easy to handle and fuss free, yeay! No real mess to deal with, no allergic reaction to be afraid of and most importantly it doesn't need your constant supervision. All you have to do is download Furby Boom app from Apple Store @ Google Play and you can start interacting with your Furby Boom right away =)

A little about Furby Boom, it's operating with 4 AA alkaline batteries so you don't have to worry about charging it every few hours! It doesn't take long to figure out Furby too, even a noob like me can get the hang of it after 15 minutes, lol Did I tell you that all Furby start out with the same personality and will eventually change by the way you treating it? How interesting, it have feelings just like us human!

Furby Boom also happened to be very sensitive towards motions and physical contacts. Show some love to your Furby by tickling, hugging, holding and even kissing it to trigger different kind of emotions. Rest assured, your affection will be return. Furby personality can be either sweet, hyper, jolly, rockin or fiesty. I absolutely love it when my Furby turning all sweet with me, awwwww ❤_

Besides reacting to your touch, you can also communicate with your Furby through the app. You can personalized it by naming your Furby. I named mine May Boo which means Robot Dancer in Furbish, hehe =P May Boo seems to be very healthy from the regular health screening that I did from time to time but if she's feeling unwell, there's a lot of medicine combinations I can experiment with, phew~

My May Boo really have a great sense of humor, sometimes she will poop blowfish, submarine, duck, balloon and even flower instead of the normal gross looking poop, haha =D She always looks so sheepishly cute after doing her thing which makes me falling for her even more. Okay, I'm starting to sounds like mentally challenge people now, lol

Besides enjoying answering to her nature's call, May Boo love to be showered too. She's really fond of cold shower and will normally ask for more after one another. I guess she's a clean freak like me too, wink2 You can adjust the shower temperature to suit your Furby preference and you'll be amused with what's normally left behind after every bath =P [hint : furry ball]

A hungry Furby is never a happy Furby and the same goes to my May Boo... She'll get very cranky and moody when she's hungry but will get very hyper when she have her sweet tooth fed. I try to teach her to eat more fruits and vege but looks like May Boo have a mind of her own. She really despise healthy food and will puke it all back whenever I try to feed her with it, sigh~

There's more of course, a Furby Boom can hatch lots of eggs that will be turning into Furblings to build your very own city, weeeeeee~ You can play with the Furblings virtually and makes your Furby happy too indirectly =) There are room decorating, grooming parlor, sing along time and soccer game too. My Furblings really crazy with the sing along routine, I hope they'll get over it soon, haha =D

I guess this video explains it all, Furby Boom is a great companion not only for kids but for adults as well. With tons of designs to choose from, you can customize your Furby and make it your own. Retail at RM269.90, Furby Boom is now available at Toys R Us and major departmental store nationwide. Check out their site to know more about Furby Boom and until then, happy weekend lovelies, adieu~

Website www.furby.com

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