Artsy Adventure @ The Atmosphere...

If you're looking for the hottest scene in town to hang out and have fun with your loved one; The Atmosphere is definitely my answer in a heartbeat... Remember my previous post here? I was so excited to come for their official ArtSphere 20/8ty launch the other day and guess what, I really have one of the coolest art adventure ever!!!

Located very close to Giant Seri Kembangan, The Atmosphere is the latest shopping attraction that brings you a different form of art appreciation, where you can interact and be creative with 80 awesome 3D murals painted by 20 local and international artists. Honestly, I never see so much artistic work in one place before, very impressive indeed =)

Besides the artworks, we were entertained by lots of performance as well during the launching day. There are clown, mime, choir, musicians, dancers and even superheroes!!! Everything so lively and happening, I'm so glad I didn't miss the fun~ Oh yes, did I tell you that the mime followed me around too? Creepy, lol XD Let's check out the rest of the event, shall we? 

The mime responsible for my "almost" heart attack, lol

I'm feelin' very festive this Christmas season ^_^

Never thought an ancient greek man and a masquerade clown will ever be in the same crowd, hehe =P

Opening speech from Mr Khoo Boo Hian, the CEO of Tempo Properties.

Now the Artsphere 20/8ty is officially launch ❤_

Musical performance with dancers and flash mobs n_n

Some of the talented artists who present that day, good job guys!!!

I can see Chun Li, Captain America and Superwoman working hard to keep the bad guy away, wink2

Amazing piece from Anokayer, Mini Car that incorporate a real car is an ultimate show stopper @_@

Staircase by Angel Ng really creates a stunning 3D effect!!!

Another great artwork, Vespa by Anokayer that adorn the wall @ The Atmosphere =)

Who can resist a classic red Phone Booth by Kenzy Chew and cute girls in tartan, right?

What are you waiting for? Make your way to The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan now and let your inner artsy self out with the wonderful 3D murals. Not only you can have unique photos as momentos, you also stand a chance to win fabulous prizes from Strike A Pose photo contest. Kindly visit their website or facebook page for more information and until then, I'm wishing you a very artsy day ahead, adieu~


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    1. Thanks dear, you'll definitely enjoy taking photos there, all the artworks are superb =)


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