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Having fun while looking fabulous in this festive season is not really an impossible act. In fact, with the help of a little tips and tricks, you can easily look your best with minimal effort and time. Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia, I was given the opportunity to learn and create my own holiday look in our very own Benefit Beauty Bash held at their latest boutique @ Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang couple of weeks ago ❤_❤

A little info about their Starhill Gallery boutique, it's located on the 1st floor of Sephora with lots of room to play with and now you can even throw your own Benefit party here! There are waxing services (brow,body and facial), makeup lesson from Benefit's makeup expert and of course tons of Benefit Cosmetics fancy decoration and props waiting eagerly for your arrival here, wink2

All the girls come dress up in pink (or almost pink) and look so happy and at home with all the makeup. We were asked to come bare-face so yes, as much as I hate going out without my trusted cosmetic, I don't want to ruin the fun ^_^ Okay, the truth is I did cheat a bit, I actually wear my black eyeliner and lip balm before coming, hehe =P

We were served with delicious pinky treats and drinks during the event, all wrapped up and display very beautifully just like the party theme. I lost track on how many popcakes I ate that day, skipping breakfast sometimes do have it's won perks, hee~ The marshmallow cake is super yummy too, wish I can have one right now, sobssss T_T

While waiting for everyone to come, I took the chance to get up, close and personal with all the wonderful products. If you know me very well, you probably aware of how obsessive I can be when it comes to Benefit Cosmetics. I've been a huge fan and loyal user for almost 5 years and I just can't get enough... Thank you Sarah Jessica Parker for introducing me to Benefit Cosmetics, I owe you big time!

I love everything about Benefit Cosmetics. The flirty packaging, fancy design, the product uniqueness and the brand itself obviously. My favorite? I really adore their Crescent Row fragrance collection. I purchased 2 of them before; Laugh with me LeeLee (RM140) & So hooked on Carmella (RM140) and I'm looking forward to get my hands on more. 

Their range of concealers have develop and become merrier over the years but I still have reservation with some of those. Boin-ing (RM80) didn't do much to cover my dark eyes area unfortunately and the same goes to Erase Paste (RM100). Lemon Aid (RM80) on the other hand works very well to disguise my eyes from looking like a raccoon and Fake Up (RM90) surprisingly didn't disappoint me either.

Hello Flawless (RM130) foundation is another product that I use religiously. It's available in 9 different shades with 2 types to choose from either liquid or powder. I happened to be compatible with the shade Champagne, which thankfully match my skin perfectly! It's very neutral and give buildable coverage that can be customize according to your preference. Most importantly, it suits all skin type including acne prone skin of mine =)

Any visit to Benefit Cosmetics won't be complete without catching a glimpse of their bestselling Box of Powders and their awesome Lip & Cheek Tint. I can't resist collecting all the powder blushers and owning all of them but my personal picks will always be Bella Bamba (RM110) and Rockateur (RM110). I love how beautifully the colors turn out on my not so fair skin, it's not that easy you know, sigh~

Lips as we all know is equally important in enhancing one look just like eyes and cheeks do. It's hard for me to miss the pop of colors display of lipstick, lipgloss and lipstain with the new vintage packaging over the counter. I don't have lots of lipsticks but I do enjoy playing with it whenever I can. The Hydra Smooth Lip Color (RM75) comes with a 10 versatile shades meanwhile the Ultra Plush Lipgloss (RM60) available in 6 beautiful colors.

We were also given an express makeup demo from Benefit Makeup Artist, James on that day as well. Firstly, he prep Sabby's face with Moisture Prep Toning Lotion. Next, he mix High Beam + Fake Up to give her skin a subtle glow. Her cheeks were treated with a swirl of Dandelion and soon after that, Longwear Powder Shadow in Thanks a Latte were applied on her eyelids before Badgal Liner, They're Real mascara and Gimme Brow took over. Last but not least, he complete the whole look with Hydra Smooth Lip Color in Airkiss on her lips.

Spot the difference? She looks so much sexier and festive ready after James working his magic, right? We were then encouraged to create our very own version of holiday look using Benefit Cosmetics. I'm feeling so inspired that day and decide to transform Caroline's look instead. I used Hello Flawless to brighten up her complexion. Next, I primed her eyelids with Stay Don't Stray before applying eyeshadows from Smokin' Eyes Kit to give her a soft smokey look. After lining her eyes, I sweep a few strokes of Rockateur on her cheeks and finish it off with Hydra Smooth Lip Color in Juicy Details.

Isn't she lovely? I never thought I can change someone makeup look this fast and furious, lol It took me less than 15 minutes to glam her up for a hot date. With Benefit Cosmetics, it's so easy to achieve your desire look even for an amateur like me. All the kits come with simple step by step instruction to guide you in your cosmetic journey and the best thing is definitely the wonderful outcome you'll get from your beauty endeavor.

If you're looking for the perfect holiday look for this festive season, maybe Benefit Cosmetics is just what you need. Kindly visit their boutiques or counters to learn more about their latest product and promotion. In case you're wondering, yes Benefit Cosmetics still selling their limited edition holiday set for your last minute Christmas shopping. Quickly make your way before the stock runs out! Until then ladies, Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas, adieu~

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