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If you think you can't shop and save these days, well think again because I'm about to show how wrong you really are. I live for love, food and shopping obviously; in fact when I'm feeling down, a little shopping will pick me up like nothing else will. But what makes me even more than happy actually is when I managed to bargain my way into something that I like! Now shopping and saving is definitely possible with the help of my new best friend, Carousell.

I love buying new hijab every now and then, it's fun and easier way to revamp my look without going the extra miles. My personal favourite is printed scarf in satin silk material but unfortunately, it doesn't always come cheap. I trusted the quality from only a few which pretty much limits my option when it comes to hijab shopping. To make it worst, some of the limited edition scarf is extremely hard to get your hands on as well, making me eagerly turns to another alternative to satisfy my hijab shopping itch.

Introducing Carousell, an online shopping platform where you can purchase and sell any stuff you desired to with just a click. You can search for hijab, muslimah fashion apparel, cosmetics or shoes cheaper than anywhere else. Imagine how excited I am when I find the scarf that I've been longing for months selling for half than the retail price! That's not all, I can also get in touch directly with the seller and bargain for more discounts too. Well, don't blame a girl for pushing her luck whenever she can!




Each and every hijab brands I can think of from the exclusive name like Duckscraves, Sugarscarf, Naelofar Hijab, Ariani, Tudung People to Aidijuma are available here and to make it even sweeter, you can also find rare items once in a while as well that covers from various type of hijab range such as printed scarf, long scarf, square scarf, instant scarf to plain scarf with different materials like cotton, silk, satin, mixed crepe and georgette.

It's pretty easy to get connected with Carousell. You can choose to either go to their website or download their phone application at Google Play or App Store. Next, create your own account or simply login with your Facebook ID to start browsing. There are tons of products categories you can find from women's fashion, electronics & gadgets, furniture & home to health & beauty. Whether it's preloved or brand new items, you have the opportunity to purchase something without having to pay more. Isn't that the music to every shopaholic heart?

If you have items that's still in a good condition but left alone unloved and unused, you can sell them too at Carousell and save the space for other things. Honestly, I sell my stuff all the times especially when I'm bored with it or can't fit myself into it anymore so I have more reasons to shop and less items to deal with! And since we're at it, you can check out my Carousell page listing page above, who knows you might like what you see =)

For more information and details, make your way to Carousell Malaysia official sites listed below. You can find safety tips, FAQ section and how to buy and sell with Carousell steps to begin your bargain hunting for muslimah fashion and hijab shopping. Until then, take a good care of yourself and have fun shopping lovelies, adieu~


  1. I pernah buka account carousell tapi tak pernah jual lagi. Maybe I should 😊

    1. You should babe, dapat jugak clear baju2 yang x pakai lagi, boleh beli baju baru, hehe =P

  2. Carousell mmg best. I sold a few items there as well :p

    1. I know right? The excitement you get whenever you sold your stuff is really addictive!


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