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I thought my Korean addiction will be over by now, turns out I'm way deeper into it than I think I can possibly be, all thanks to my girl Caroline =P One particular thing I noticed about Korean beauty scene, it's constantly evolving and making waves not only in Asia but to the rest of the beauty world as well. I saw more and more western companies came up with their own version of BB Cushion and BB Cream, something that I'm not exactly excited about, sigh~ They should focus on their brand strength instead of jump on the bandwagon...

Enough with my endless ranting, today is gonna be all about my latest beauty discovery, DocLab Face Ampoule. But before that, let me share with you a little about ampoule, it's actually referring to the airtight glass containers that are filled with highly concentrated ingredients such as botanical extracts, vitamins, enzymes and do not contain any preservatives or chemicals. Normally ampoules are designed to address skin deficiency like irritation, hyper-pigmentation, dullness, dryness and so much more.

DocLab Face Ampoule
5 x 2ml [RM138.00]

Back to the DocLab Face Ampoule, it's created from the combination of naturally derived key ingredients like Collagen which famous for it's ability to restore skin suppleness and elasticity, Ginseng Extract which work wonders to retexturize skin and smoothen fine lines, Vitamin E to give you natural anti-oxidant and protecting your skin, Arbutin to whiten and lighten your skin and last but not least, Witch Hazel Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract to soothe and refine your skin. 

That's not all, it's also enhance with Hyaluronic Acid technology to boost your skin moisture and giving it deep hydration as well. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1,000 times it's weight in water so yes, it helps to moisturize your skin against the harsh and hazy weather we currently have and  excellent natural skin glow. Did I mention that it comes with anti wrinkle property too? What a way to get a younger looking skin instantly, wink2 No wonder it's widely used by makeup artists, I wish I knew about it earlier too!!!

Formulated in Korea, the DocLab Face Ampoule is certified by Malaysia's Ministry of Health and completely free from alcohol, paraben, silicone and animal ingredients. It's safe to use on all skin types and won't lead to any harmful side effects. Just make sure you store it away from heat and sun and use it within a day once you open up the ampoule. To start using, place a tissue or soft cloth on the ampoule and snap the ampoule's bottle neck area in backward direction. Pour the essence on your palm and gently smooth it all over your face in upward motion. Don't forget to cleanse and tone your face before that =)

MY VERDICT : I like everything about it from the watery texture, lightweight feeling, fast absorption, barely there scent, I just can't stop talking about it!!! Honestly, I can't really see the visible effects on me but my sisters keep on telling me how glowing my skin looks every time I'm using it and yes, my makeup stays so much longer than it normally do. My skin also feels deeply moisturize even when I'm exposed to the air conditioner all day long... The only thing I wish they could do differently is probably including more than 5 ampoules in a box; other than that, I'm very happy with my DocLab Face Ampoule =)

I also did my first vlog review up here if you want to get a closer look at the DocLab Face Ampoule but I was so nervous recording it that I forgot most of the thing I wanna say, hehe =P On a side note, good news for all of you out there, they're running a special promotion at the moment where you can purchase a box of DocLab Face Ampoule for only RM98 instead of the normal price. For more information and details, kindly visit their official links below and until then, have a wonderful day ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. Ayna, you should do more videos like this!

  2. Gotta agree that Korean really great at coming up with amazing products! xD Glad u love the product too!! And love love love ur vlog review too!! <3

    1. Thank you very much sayang for all your support, muahsss <3

  3. Nice review Kak Ayna. Excited to try the product myself!

    1. Thank you Pika, I'm very sure you'll love it dear =)


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