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I'm still having a hard time to believe that in less than a month, I'll welcome a miniature version of me and my husband @_@ Everything feels so surreal and honestly, I don't think I'm fully prepared mentally and physically for the new chapter of my life... Thank god I have a great support system around me; my wonderful husband, my lovely family and of course my awesome friends who never stop helping and encouraging me throughout my pregnancy journey =)

Just like most of expecting mommies out there, it's not really a fun ride for me. I had a very bad morning sickness for about 5 months which left me feeling so weak and helpless T_T I had to turn down lots of events, took some leave from work and spend most of my time crying over the food that I can't eat but fortunately, it's all went away after that. I knew what I'm going through are nothing compared to other women so I try my best to keep myself from whining and just go with the flow...

It doesn't take me long to realize that I have no whatsoever control over my body anymore when I reach the 3rd trimester. I get tired easily, sleep restlessly, walk ungracefully, eat frequently and can't even breathe properly!!! It's all however seems forgotten whenever I feels my baby moving inside of me ❤_❤ Honeymoon period is officially over towards the end of my pregnancy... My leg cramps is getting even worst than before and I also have brand new cellulite around my thighs to worry about, sigh~

Knowing that it's a matter of time before stretch marks making it's first appearance, I freak out and start looking for natural ointment to prevent it from happening. I run out of homemade body butter that my blogger friend, Shazwani gave me and someone suggested me to check out Mustela 9 Months range instead. Looking at how extensive their line is, I decided not only giving Mustela 9 Months - Stretch Marks Care Oil a try but their Mustela 9 Months - Instant Comfort Legs as well.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mustela, it's originated from France and has been around for more than 60 years protecting mothers and babies all over the world with it's safe, effective and natural skincare products which cater from healthy skin to atopic-prone skin, a whole range of other skin disorders, another line consist of sun protection products and last but not least a full range specially formulated to accompany the skin changes for mothers (during pregnancy & after giving birth).

Mustela 9 Months - Instant Comfort Legs 
125ml [RM96.00]

According to Mustela, their Mustela 9 Months - Instant Comfort Legs is made from the combination of Menthol Extract which instantly refresh and relax your legs discomfort, Elastoregulator + Lupeol + Escin to provide lasting relieve and Avocado Peptide + Hyaluronic Acid to soothe and restore the quality of the skin. Hypoallergenic and Alchohol Free, this product is not only formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction but it's also made to gradually improves the tone of your skin. 

MY VERDICT : It's very easy to use, just apply it twice a day (or more) by massaging it gently from your feet to thigh area. I normally ask my husband to do it for me since my huge belly is on the way and sometimes I even apply it on my palms and fingers whenever the numb/cramp like feeling strike around those area. Besides the pleasant minty feeling, I really like how light and smooth the texture felt against my skin, it's very hard not to fall in love with this one, wink2

But what I love the most about Mustela 9 Months - Instant Comfort Legs is, it really delivers in terms of giving my legs the instant comfort it promise. My leg cramp didn't bother me as frequently as before and whenever it did, it's less intense as it used to be. It's such a big relief for me because sometimes I do feel afraid that my legs can't cope with the additional weight that I gain during my pregnancy and having this nearby at least help me feel slightly better.

Mustela 9 Months - Stretch Marks Care Oil 
105ml [RM106.00]

Mustela 9 Months - Stretch Marks Care Oil on the other hand is both rich and naturally dry, made from 100% natural precious oil such as Rosehip Oil which comes with healing, repairing and anti-inflammatory property, Baobab Oil to smooth and prevents stretch marks appearance, Pomegranate Oil to regenerate, nourishing and preserve your skin elasticity and Lupeol which also works as an anti-stretchmarks ingredient. Besides that, it's also Hypoallergenic and Alchohol Free.

MY VERDICT : It's quite simple to use, you only need to massage it gently on target area which prone to stretch marks like hips, abdomen, thighs and breast at least 2 times a day. Unlike the other massage oil in the market, the Mustela 9 Months - Stretch Marks Care Oil texture is quite watery and absorbs quickly which made it very difficult to photograph just like the above picture. It's not as sticky as I thought it'll be and comes with a subtle scent which rate highly in my book.

After using it religiously for about a month, I can safely said that it definitely work wonders on me!!! My stomach feels so much more moisturize and there's no stretch marks showing to date yet, weee~ Yes, I still have the urge to scratch the itchiness away every now and then but what did I do to deal with it? I like to apply baby powder in between using Mustela 9 Months - Stretch Marks Care Oil. It's somehow made the skin around my stomach area feels a lot more calm and happy =)

If you're expecting and still looking for something to help with your skin growing needs, you can always give Mustela 9 Months range a shot. With 8 products in the line, I'm sure you'll find product that's gonna works for you. Mustela 9 Months is currently available at selected Isetan, Mothercare and Modernmum outlets. For more information and details, kindly make your way to their official site below & until we meet again, Happy Labour Day lovelies, adieu~

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