Sensational Lips with Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipsticks...

Ever heard of a hybrid version of lipstick and lipgloss? It's not exactly unheard of before but in case you haven't, there's brand new lippies in town from Bourjois Paris that have the texture of a lipgloss with a little twist, it also have the staying power just like your favorite lipstick!!! I'm sure that will get your attention right away and trust me when I said this, the reason why lot's of women avoiding lipgloss is mostly because the color didn't stay long enough to serve its purpose...

According to Bourjois Paris, their Bourjois Rogue Edition Aqua Laque lipsticks are made by combining a high concentration of water and Nymphea Extract which has great moisturizing ability (up to 10 hours) and contains all the necessary element to achieve light and refreshing texture. Not only that, it's also butter and wax free to protect the quality of the colours. So you can expect intense hydration and colours that isn't sticky on the lips, isn't that sweet? 

So yes, all that making me even more excited to give Bourjois Rogue Edition Aqua Laque a try and I'm just lucky enough to have 3 to play with, wink2 The range comes in 8 beautiful shades from 4 different characteristics; Fresh Nudes, Elegant Pinks, Vibrant Oranges and of course the Flamboyant Reds. Always a fan of Pink and Red; mine falls under the Elegant Pink and Flamboyant Reds categories in Viens Si Tu Roses (04), Fuchsia Perche (07) and Babe Idole (08).

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipstick - Viens Si Tu Roses 04 
7.7ml [RM45.45]

Given my previous experience with Bourjois Paris products, I got to admit that I've quite a high expectation on this range. I'm so glad that Bourjois Rogue Edition Aqua Laque lipsticks didn't disappoint me, the shades particularly this one really stay to its colour and last for almost 6 hours!!! The liquid texture is quite smooth and moisturizing, the colour is surprisingly very pigmented and not to forget the soft, dense flock applicator which made applying Bourjois Rogue Edition Aqua Laque lipsticks a breeze, I'll definitely repurchase this without a doubt. The only thing that I wish could be made differently is the packaging, I really hope it can look more like a lipstick rather than lipgloss, sigh~

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipstick - Fuchsia Perche 07 
7.7ml [RM45.45]

I knew that fuschia looks flattering on almost everyone and thank god this shade didn't fail to deliver that. Just like Viens Si Tu Roses (04), this colour is very pigmented with fine texture, stay true to it's shade for a good 6 hours and very easy to apply. It's also comes with a shimmer effect which I doesn't see much in the other 2 shades I have. One thing though, please don't wear lipbalm or lipliner before using Bourjois Rogue Edition Aqua Laque lipsticks, your lips will end up looking unnatural. Other than that, I would highly recommended this shade if you're still unsure which one to choose from. It's wearable and sexy enough without overdoing it, just the way I like it =)

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipstick - Babe Idole 08 
7.7ml [RM45.45]

Last but not least is the Babe Idole (08). I actually have mixed feelings about this one, I can't help but thinking that it doesn't compliment my skin tone, less opaque than the rest and too barbie doll for my liking. All thoughts finally disappear once I had it on my lips. Don't let this pink candy shade fools you, it's actually isn't as pink as you think and shockingly, looks nice on medium skin tone like mine. Although the color is not as intense as the others, it doesn't budge much until lunch hour and I find myself always reaching for this shade whenever I feel less motivated to go to work =P

Interested to get your hands on Bourjois Rogue Edition Aqua Laque lipstick? Good news for you, it's now selling at amazing introductory price for only RM42.80 @ both Watson & Bourjois Paris, Sunway Pyramid. For selected Watson store, you'll get free gift for every RM60 purchase of Bourjois Paris products while at the kiosk, you'll get a different one with RM80 purchase. For more details, head over to Bourjois Paris official site below & until then, enjoy your long weekend lovelies, adieu~


  1. Viens Si Tu Roses color is so nice...tempting dah ni...hehehe

    1. Mmg sesuai sgt utk yg fair skin like you babe, kalau i pakai nampak ala2 mak tiri Cinderella, hehehe =P


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