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The perks of having husband with the same skin type? Well, we can share our skincare products!!! And yes, I finally found the perfect excuse to shop for more beauty stuff now, I can always say it's for both of us, hehe XP The truth is, its quite tricky to find product range that's compatible with acne prone/oily skin... It's either make my skin getting oilier than it's already is or become too drying for my liking =_=

As much as I think acne scars given more depth to my character, I can't help but wishing it can all fades away... Lucky me, I came across Mario Badescu, leading personalized skincare & acne treatment brand for over 40 years while browsing through my fav online shopping site, Luxola @_@

Since my husband suffered from a bad sunburn last weekend; all thanks to his outdoor activities and of course his refusal to wear any sunblock, I decided to give Mario Badescu Whitening Mask a shot and while I'm at it, Mario Badescu Silver Powder looks pretty good too!!! Most of the online reviews I read shows positive results even from single usage... Too good to be true? Let's see how my little experiment with my husband a.k.a my official lab rat goes, wink2


Mario Badescu Silver Powder 
29ml [RM65.00]

According to Mario Badescu, their bestseller Silver Powder is not only super absorbent and works wonderfully when it comes to unclogs congested pores, it's also prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion. Infused with Titanium Dioxide & Zink Oxide, these natural astringents are well known for its ability to clear and tighten pores particularly on and around the T-zone area. 

It's pretty easy to use too. Just dampen a cotton ball with water and dip it into the Mario Badescu Silver Powder. Press the powdered ball on your problematic area (nose, chin, forehead) and allow it to sink for 10 minutes. To remove it, simply use your regular toner or astringent. For best result, use Mario Badescu Silver Powder once or twice a week.

MY VERDICT: I'm quite skeptical about it at first because of my unsuccessful story with lots of anti-blackhead products before but surprisingly Mario Badescu Silver Powder deliver its promise when it comes to clear and tighten the pores. I see a significant reduce of blackhead on my nose area after using it and I tried it on my husband soon afterward. 

The picture above might not show any remarkable difference due to the lighting but trust me, your skin will feel it even from one application. The only thing I dislike about the product is the packaging, it's not really travel friendly and I always afraid I'll mess it up whenever I open the lid. Other than that, I highly recommend this for those who unhappy with their blackhead & clogged skin conditions =)


Mario Badescu Whitening Mask
59ml [RM120.00]

From the website, Mario Badescu Whitening Mask is describe as a specially formulated mask that can hydrate and brighten up uneven skin tones while gently minimizing the look of old acne scars and sun discoloration. It also designed to help you achieve flawless, brighter and youthful skin. Not only that, Mario Badescu Whitening Mask is free from the harmful Alpha Hydroxy Acids and made with natural skin lightening ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Liquorice & Mulberry so don't worry, its safe and gentle even on acne erupted or the most sensitive skin. 

Since the texture is quite runny, the best way to apply this mask is actually by using a mask brush. Simply apply a thin layer of Mario Badescu Whitening Mask on clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave it to dry for about 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with tepid water. You can continue with a serum and moisturizer soon after. To get maximum result, just apply the mask 2-3 times a week. 

MY VERDICT: Unlike the Mario Badescu Silver Powder, I have higher expectation for this one. My husband skin had turn reddish from the sunburn and I do feel worried it will get worst if I didn't treat it right. So I apply a thin layer of Mario Badescu Whitening Mask all over his face and let it dry. Thank god it doesn't make his skin irritated and after cleanse it all off, I noticed his skin do look brighter and healthier than before. 

Again, the picture might not do justice thanks to the lighting (not) but yes, it's really work as they claimed. I believe with continuous usage, not only my husband will get to his normal skin tone again, his acne scars appearance will also reduce over time. I'm not exactly happy with the product packaging, I can't help but wishing it comes with easier to control mechanism but looking at the result, I'll definitely re-purchase it for both of us ^_^ 

For more information regarding the products, head over to Luxola official site or facebook page links below. Good news for you lovelies, If you're planning to get your beauty fix from Luxola, you can use this code BLX-AYNA to get 15% discount. This code however only valid for first time purchase and for selected products so have fun shopping & until then, have a great weekend lovelies, adieu~ 


  1. i am so happy with the whitening mask because it really helps in diminishing my acne scar ^_^ btw, miss you lots Ayna <3

    1. Yeah, the whitening mask is awesome!!! Missing u too Mieza, haven't seen u for ages =(


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