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It's been a while since my last beauty review and to be honest, I don't really have high expectation when it comes to hair care products. I switched shampoo all the time but nothing really impressed me to just stick to one. I have an oily scalp with dry and dull hair. Let's add dandruff to the equation too so basically my quest for the perfect hair products that address all this issue is kind of on-going battle that will never end. Sounds pretty dramatic, right? Not really actually because trust me, I can easily find 10 other women who going through the same problems...

When I received the Hijabista hair care range for review couple of weeks ago, the same question comes to my mind. What's the different between Hijabista and the other hair care line that targeting hijabis out there? According to C.Michael; the founder and the expert behind the brand; Hijabista hair products is specially formulated for those who wear headscarf and infused with their signature Swiss inspired Apple Stem Cell technology to let you experience sensational freshness that smells wonderful all day long.

As someone who wears hijab religiously, scalp itchiness is definitely something that bothers me. Most of the time, I'll just ignore it altogether but it can be pretty disturbing especially when I need to look and feel my best. I've tried other hair care line that focus on hijabis before unfortunately it didn't help much either. So I decided to give Hijabista a shot and test out the Hijabista Dandruff Control Shampoo, Hijabista Hair Conditioner and Hijabista Scalp Refresher myself. I gave the rest of the shampoo to my sisters to review on my behalf and here's our verdict.

Hijabista Normal Hair Shampoo
380ml [RM16.89]

Based on what my sister Atiqah told me, Hijabista Normal Hair Shampoo cleanse her hair very well with refreshing scent that's mild enough to use daily and didn't left her scalp and hair feeling dry or itchy. Frequent usage didn't show much difference in terms of giving her hair added lustre and healthier shine she aiming for but it certainly moisturizing probably due to the combination of shea butter, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3 in the formulation. She's more than happy to continue using it and looking forward to try out the other hair care product from this range. 

Hijabista Hair Fall Control Shampoo
380ml [RM16.89]

My sister Izzah tested out the Hijabista Hair Fall Control Shampoo recently and according to her, it's good when it comes to cleanse and refresh her scalp. Unfortunately, it didn't do much to help with her hair fall issue. She loves the scent and how the shampoo makes her hair stronger though. Perhaps she haven't used it long enough for it to work it's magic. Someone told me before that stronger hair will promotes high resistance from breakage and will make hair fall become less pronounce in the long run so we'll just have to wait and see...

Hijabista Dandruff Control Shampoo
380ml [RM16.89]

As promised, the Hijabista Dandruff Control Shampoo do live up to its claim and helps me with my itchy and flaky scalp, thanks to it's special ingredients, Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) and Vitamin E. I feel so much more comfortable in my hijab and yes, it really keeping the dandruff at bay! Of course it didn't disappeared overnight but with continuous usage, I do see a remarkable difference in terms of the dandruff presence and the comfort level it gave. One thing though, it's not exactly drying but it's not moisturizing either, perhaps to make room for the conditioner? 

Hijabista Damage Repair Shampoo
380ml [RM16.89]

According to my sister Zura, Hijabista Damage Repair Shampoo definitely makes her hair feel so much more alive and energized. She used to do lots of chemical treatment to her hair before so it's quite dry and dull. It contains Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein PG-Propyl Silanetriol and Apple Stem Cell that penetrates into the hair cortex which build strength from within to protect the surface of the hair in order to make your hair healthy and filled with vitality. Besides that, it can also fight colour fade, nourishing and moisturizing it as well too.

Hijabista Hair Conditioner
380ml [RM16.89]

I love how the Hijabista Hair Conditioner balance out my hair pH after every wash, it definitely succeed in giving my hair the long lasting moisture that it crave and reduce the formation of split ends significantly. And yes, it compliments the dandruff shampoo that I used perfectly! My hair feel soft, smooth and strong despite the harsh weather we currently have. Not only that, it's also made from the exotic blend of sugar cane extract, lemon extract, apple stem cell and Vitamin B5 to protect, nourish and moisturize your hair through every single wash.

Hijabista Scalp Refresher
100ml [RM18.77]

I basically have nothing bad to say about Hijabista Scalp Refresher. It's truly a game changer for me! I don't really wash my hair in the morning except on weekend so I just spray it onto my scalp and massage a little before wearing my hijab and it makes my scalp feel fresh and cool throughout the day. I don't have to worry about sweaty and sticky scalp anymore thanks to the high antioxidant Camellia Sinensis leaf extract added in this scalp purifier which help to clear off the excess dead cells built in the follicles that hinders the healthy hair growth.

All in all, I can safely say that Hijabista Hair Care range from C.Michael is not disappointing at all. It's reasonably priced, smells wonderful, refresh and relieve the scalp from itchiness and irritation (which is absolutely perfect for hijabis like us). Besides that, it's also cruelty free and contain no paraben too. If you're wearing hijab and going through the same issues, go ahead and try out this range. Who knows, you'll love it like I do! For more details, kindly visit their official sites listed below and until then, have an awesome weekend lovelies, adieu~


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