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Can't believe I've successfully restraint myself from buying any cosmetics all this while and the latest beauty arrival from Elianto couldn't have come at a better time. If you're a fan of natural botanical extracts in your cosmetics and skincare, this one is definitely for you. Say hello to the brand new makeup from Elianto! Meet the Deep Sea Water Lip & Eye Makeup Remover that's formulated with the deep sea water, the Pro Matte Lip Crayon which is enriched with natural oil and of course the Stay On Mascara that is specially created to enhance your beautiful eyes.

If you're not familiar with Elianto, here's a little fun facts for you. The name Elianto is actually derived from the Italian word "sunflower", inspired by the unique combination of striking beauty and utility symbolized by the flower. The brand is known for their gentle skincare products that's enriched with nourishing and soothing botanical extracts and vibrant range of color cosmetics with the finest quality natural ingredients at an affordable price. So yes, I'm pretty excited to check out what's the new addition is all about. Let's check it out together, shall we?

Elianto Deep Sea Water Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
150ml [RM27.90]

According to Elianto website, their Deep Sea Water Lip & Eye Makeup Remover gently but effectively removes waterproof eye and lip makeup by drawing out oil and impurities while infusing your skin with hydrating minerals to leave it clean, clear and supple. It's formulated with deep sea water to help you eliminate heavy makeup around your thin and sensitive areas like your eyes and lips without irritating it. To use the product, simply shake the bottle and apply a small amount of the makeup remover to cotton pad and gently wipe off the makeup.

I have nothing bad to say about the product. I like the watery consistency, the hint of blue shade which really gives you a fresh and clean vibes and the bottle itself which is small and easy to travel with. I also like the fact that it didn't sting my eyes and removes my eye makeup smoothly and easily, just like my favorite cleansing oil always do for only a fraction of the price. I'm however isn't fond of the scent, which is pretty similar to baby oil. It playing trick on my mind too, am I using cleansing water or cleansing oil here? Mmmmm~

Elianto Stay On Mascara
8g [RM39.90]

The next one is the Stay On Mascara which Elianto claims to be a lengthening and volumizing mascara that gives you full and fluffy long lashes by separating fine hair with its refines brush that helps you coat your lashes from the root to create plush, black lashes that is long lasting but easily remove by the Elianto Deep Sea Water Lip and Eye Makeup Remover. To use the Elianto Stay On Mascara, position wand horizontally and wiggle brush from side to side, base to tip to achieve maximum volume, length and lifting effect.

Let's talk about the things that I like about this mascara first. I really like the wand, it's small but compliment the thick formula nicely. It definitely delivers in giving me the length and lifting effect to my straight and short eyelashes. The staying power is quite impressive too, I can get up to 8 hours before everything starts to melt. Besides that, it's easy to remove and water resistant as well. The only downside of it unfortunately, it didn't exactly give my lashes the maximum volume like Elianto's promise which is why I'm only giving it the 3 stars rating. 

Elianto Pro Matte Lip Crayon - Perfect Plum 04
1.7g [RM36.90]

Based on the info from Elianto official site, Elianto Pro Matte Lip Crayon creamy matte and ultra intense colour provides a moisture rich wear and applies with velvety matte powdery finishing and crease free smooth texture. It's enriched with natural oil like rose canina, avocado and apricot to promote skin conditioning and available in 5 beautiful full coverage shades (nude beige, peach perfect, signature pink, perfect plum, red rouge). Not only that, it's also comes with no sharpening, retractable tip twist that's very easy to apply and blend. 

I like the whole concept, crayon like texture, the soft matte finish and the lovely shade selection. The shade doesn't last as long as I normally go for but it feels very comfortable on my lips and didn't accentuate any of imperfection so I find myself keep coming back for more. The only thing that I would probably change about the lip crayon is perhaps adding more shades to the collection, I could use more colors myself! Other than that, I think it's definitely a keeper, it's affordably price and gives your lips all the attention it deserved!

To sum it all up, the latest addition from Elianto really looks promising. I like the makeup remover and mascara but my favourite goes without saying to the Elianto Pro Matte Lip Crayon range, it's my go to lip product these days! If you haven't purchased it yet, you really should give it a try. To find out more about Elianto and the rest of their products, feel free to check out their official sites below. Until we meet again, I'm wishing you and your loved one a wonderful day ahead! Enjoy the long weekend lovelies, adieu~ 


  1. Nice knowing you Ayna,
    One of my favorite brand..

    1. Hi LZ, thank you for stopping by =) Glad to know you're a fan too <3


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