Silky Smooth Glide With Esqido Gel Eyeliner Pencil

It can be hard to keep up with a full face makeup especially when you have a clingy little one but I try my best to at least wear an eyeliner to work everyday. Honestly, I kind of feel naked without one... I'm running out of it quite fast too so another one or two more certainly won't hurt. I received the latest Gel Eyeliner Pencil from Esqido recently (they shipped to Malaysia by the way) and available in two color selection; Black and Brown. I never really use gel eyeliner before, I usually go for kohl or the regular pencil liner so yes, I'm very excited to take it for a spin!

Based on the information from their official site, the Esqido eyeliner is specially formulated for all day wear to deliver a continuous flow with smooth even lines. It's highly pigmented, covers in one perfect coat and dries to beautifully matte finish. Comes with a twist, retractable dispenser and built-in precision sharpener, this eyeliner is 5-free, latex free and fragrance free too. Not only that, it's also formulated without formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates or phthalates making it the perfect eyeliner for those who have sensitive eyes like mine. 

Esqido Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Black / Brown
0.5g [USD16.00]

As usual, I will talk about the pro first. I like the sleek and chic packaging, the twist dispenser mechanism and of course the built-in sharpener concept. The texture on the other hand, feels more like crayon than gel to me but it's okay as long as the color intensity remains the same. The consistency is smooth and soft like its claim and didn't irritate my eyes at all. It's waterproof too in case you're wondering and easily removed with cleansing oil or any other makeup remover. It didn't smudge or smear after it's set and lasted for about 6 to 8 hours on my oily lids. 

Moving on to the cons, as much as I love the idea of having a built-in sharpener, this one can be very messy to work with. It takes me a little while to figure it out since the product itself is very soft and smooth which not really helping but the good thing is you can customize the thickness of the liner according to your preference. The liner however tends to break whenever I try sharpening it and cleaning the clogged sharpener is not as easy as it looks. I hope they can improve the quality of the built-in sharpener because the rest of the eyeliner is already perfect as it is! 

Besides the sharpener, I have nothing but love for this eyeliner. Both shades look lovely and glides smoothly, affordably priced and safe from any harmful ingredients. If you have to choose, I would say go for the brown one, it'll enhance any of your eye look effortlessly. It's currently mark down to only USD12.00 for a limited time so get yours now if you haven't got any! For more information and details, make your way to the their official site links below. Until then, I'm wishing you a wonderful and great month ahead lovelies, adieu~

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  1. Eyeliner is a must to me, too. I've used many types and many brands of eyeliners, but so far, I'm sticking with Maybelline's Power Black gel eyeliner. This one is quite challenging & requires practice, kan?

    1. I love Maybelline eyeliners too but the curious cat in me always want to test out something new especially when it looks challenging and require practice, hee~


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